When the zombie apocalypse breaks out, will you survive? Join the survival team and keep yourself alive.
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The Commanders

The following members comprise the forum staff.


John is the ZAST founder. He created the original group on Zelda Universe, then branched out into the site. He is known for being user-friendly and a little strange.


Zoltar is the co-founder of ZAST. When the site was first made, he helped to make the forums and organize everything. He’s known for his bass playing.

Koulatio is the ZAST graphics admin. He helps out with the forum graphics and general organization. He’s one of the two most active administrators, and can always be found hanging around somewhere.

Neo is the fourth ZAST admin. He writes content for the main site, makes miscellaneous HTML pages, performs forum maintenance, and takes care of other administrative tasks such as member management. He is a staff member for two other sites, as well, and he is a member of the community project, Zelda Wiki.org.


TZ is the Stalker Clan moderator. She was the first member to receive a moderator promotion on the forums.

candc is a chatbox moderator. He’s known for his story, which can be read on the forum.

HaloMaster is another chatbox moderator. He’s known for his fondness for Halo, and can always be found on the online community.