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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyFri Oct 02, 2009 3:53 pm

I figure that it's time for a rules thread.

ZAST Rules
Welcome to ZAST! Please read up on the rules before posting.

How to conduct oneself
These forums are friendly. We do not tolerate hatred towards other members. If you have some sort of feud with someone, you must leave it at the door. Flaming will be treated harshly, and should NEVER be done.
Trolling is a DEFINITE no. HOWEVER, we have a new rule. Responding to a thread which is an obvious troll is against the rules and will result in an infraction. This means that you should NEVER post in something like "The ocean is OBVIOUSLY red. I don't know why everyone thinks otherwise."
Remember to always treat members with respect. Would you call a staff member an Assh*le? No? Then don't call another member one.

Old Topics
I've decided that old topics can be bumped. We're small, so I guess it's alright. But if you're going to bump a dead conversation with "I agree" or something, the thread will be locked. You must contribute some insight into the thread.

Don't do it. Just don't.
Put thought into your posts. Avoid the NADY!
The NADY is the four most common spam posts, which are:
I Agree
I Disagree
You need to explain yourself and provoke further conversation.

PLEASE stop asking to be a mod. If you do, you'll take yourself out of the running to be chosen as one. I guarantee it.
Also, whatever the mods say GOES. They usually know what they're doing. However, if you think they're abusing their power, notify an administrator IMMEDIATELY. Arrogance among staff will NOT be tolerated. We try to treat everyone equal here, whether they be staff or not.

The clans are going to be a little spammy. That's fine, because that's their purpose. However, we can't disable post count in the clans, so don't go overboard.
The requirements for joining a clan are as follows:
50 posts
1 month at ZAST
Once you get this, PM an administrator or appropriate moderator for the clan test.

Double Posting
Double posting is a NO. Don't do it!! If you made a mistake, use the "edit" button.
HOWEVER!! If no one has replied to your post for 24 hours and you feel that you have another piece of information that would be useful in drawing people to the topic, feel free to double post. However, the limit on this is 2 posts in a row. Don't go overboard and have a whole conversation with yourself!

I'll add more rules later, but these are the general guidelines to follow. Be nice and have fun :3

Site Rules Matrix13
"It is the duty of the people to overthrow oppressive governments."-On Civil Disobedience

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I Hate Gels!
I Hate Gels!

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PostSubject: Re: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptySat Oct 03, 2009 6:49 pm

Also, in light of some recent name changes, i'm taking away the change name feature. If you want to change your name, ask an admin. Less confusion this way.

Thanks for your time.

Site Rules Bannnumro2wf2

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Site Rules
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