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 A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin

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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
PostSubject: A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin   A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin EmptySat Oct 10, 2009 10:21 pm

wellpies I suppose I will be posting the prologue of my book. it is long! depending on the calibour of comment I will post chapters 1 and 2, but now I will work on chapter 3 talk about the story here please

Chapter One
How it Began

Screaming. Screaming, screaming, and screaming. The dark room, crammed with people echoed with the sounds of the women in the corner. She continued to scream, as if she was being tortured, and in a way she was. She was a lovely lady her skin white as the rock of Gagul pass, hair black as the Forest of Hophna at night. She screamed some more, her exposed vagina began to part little by little; her child’s head began to crown, the baby was coming.

“Hurdan, hurdan,” the man in front of her exclaimed, “hurdan jod ladig nadva, furdigern hurdan jod ladig nadva.”

“Jess AHHHHHH, fi nint, fi NINT,” the women screamed, in her native tongue, that all the Alzians spoke, Alcifet, “fi nint furdigern, fi nint furdigern hurd,” her head dripping with sweat, her hair soaked, face red, an image of pain permanently burned on to her face, she screamed again.

“Jetigan,” the man said, “jetigan ked bandi nint kuger, joda bandi nint lert nadgafirg, lert nadgafirg, lert nego, pluck nint fubort nego,” he asked, while cleaning the baby girl with rags, after cleaning her off a little he took the cord in his hand and bit it in half, quickly tying both ends. He took a purple blanket from the corner, discarding the green one that lay on top; he wrapped the little girl in it and handed her to her mother.

“Nieda,” she responded after taking a bit of time to think about it, “fubort nego nint Nieda, plesh nint Domrik, alt nad, bour dagofi gent bourt advagort.”

“Nieda,” the group that had been watching her give birth said in unison, random people could be heard making comments such as, “A fine girl, when will you give Domrik a son, a princess for the empire, beautiful young girl, a very nice birth, what a fine name,” and so on could be heard for at least five more minutes, by then people had started to file out of the room. The Queen of Gangula finally arouse from the ground where she had given birth, her baby Nieda in hand, she exited the room, to look for her husband, King Domrik, who had been on campaign in Hurculus, she knew that he was fighting for little more than honor and perhaps a little bit of land, but she accepted this and waited for his return.

In the war with Hurculus Domrik had been the aggressor, so he had to be sure his line held over the winter months, Veccurum and Lardikum even the first half of Hurulum was still nippy enough to call winter. He needed to protect the line because they had been pushed back to the boarder by King Gusto’s, king of Hurculus, elite horseman and if he entered Gangula he would, by the customs of war, burn cities and kill the people living in Gangula, whether they be Gangin, Hurculian, or even Oritan, though few Oritans or even Hurculians lived in Gangula anyway.

Gusto launched his surprise offensive 35th of Lardikum, two days from the New Year. He smash up the Gangin lines, crushing them into powder and leaving almost nothing left. Gusto caught Domrik, and after a short battle King to King Domrik surrendered, knowing that his child, who would be born soon would never know the pleasures of a younger sibling, the punishment for a King surrendering were harsh indeed. Domrik was held down, his trousers removed. Gusto looked at Domrik, laying on the ground until he finally said the words Domrik was dreading.

“fi nint ceri, Cushtni Domrik,” Gusto began, “jod neane ked virk popi ga dagoni ga fi don, it is with much regret friend, that I must castrate you,” he raised his sword, “move the penis out of the way,” it was done, and Gusto’s sword came down, Domrik let out a blood curdling scream, after a minute it subsided to just crying and whimpering, he knew the punishment was not yet over though, he had been castrated but still they needed to return to his body, how this was done was up to the conqueror, in this case Gusto.

“How,” Domrik asked sniveling and attempting to get on his feet, “how will you finish the punishment? The same way my father did to my grandfather?”

“No Domrik, you will eat them,” Gusto replied, “you will eat them tonight at a feast to honor my victory today, you will sit next to me and before you are severed anything worth eating, you will be made to eat this,” he shoved the scrotum and its contents in Domrik’s face so he could see for sure that he had lost what was once attached.

“You are cruel Gusto, that is cruel,” Domrik said calmly, knowing that he had to be as nice as possible, knowing that any belligerents called for his death after he was made to eat it, if he was nice enough, considering what just happened to him, he would be let go and allowed to rule his empire unimpeded, though the war would still be going on. He was given time to get away from the opposing King.

A Famous case of this was when King Lourko of Oritus and King Vinar of Gangula were at war, this was back when Hophna was still under Gangin control, before King Furdinand took it nearly forty years ago, Vinar had taken Lourko captive and castrated him just as the code required, though Vinar was a reasonable man, Lourko was nothing but trouble and would not stop yelling and caring on. On their way to drop Lourko off in Oritus, because they had reach a peace agreement and Vinar had not returned them to Lourko’s body yet, Vinar got fed up with Lourko and thrust his sword into his belly it is not known for sure but it is said that Vinar at this point said ‘now I return them to you’ and he tossed them into the gaping wound, Lourko died and Vinar road back to Gangula having fulfilled tradition.

Mostly the Kings just manned up for the event and acted appropriately afterwards. Just so they could have the chance to do to the enemy king what had happened to them.

Gusto ordered that Domrik be tied up, villagers from the local village were invited to come see their tied up king, the battle had started in Hurculus but ended in Gangula giving the name to the battle The Trans-Boarder Battle, soldiers of Gangula joined in the party for the victory, none, however attempted to free their king, because they knew that either Gusto or Domrik would have them killed in a cruel way because it was after all the Code of War, a worse punishment that was even more of a deterrent, the soldiers might be castrated as well.

The festivities drew on for hours people hooting and hollering all over the place, people most enjoyed the brief interlude where there was no fighting, ”six months,” one Gangin soldier said, “yeah six months, almost to the day, it’s been 214 days,” he said looking at a book of notes he had been writing, “and six times thirty-six is 216.”

Gusto stood up and took a look around at everyone, he motioned to a soldier behind him, as he was told, the soldier brought Domrik to the table and forced him to sit next to Gusto. “Everyone,” Gusto yelled with his great booming voice, “we celebrate one night, a night of peace, from the day my armies came out in victory, while sadly Domrik lost something important to him today, ,” he paused and looked around, an evil grin lined his face, he looked behind and motioned to a man holding a plate to bring the plate up, “what do you all say we give it back to him, eh?”

The crowd jeered, clapped and much laughter was exchange, even by the Gangin soldiers joined in the jeering and laughter, everyone knew what was about to happen. The plate was set down, fired and served with greens and drink. Domrik began to cry but regained his composure, he had a steel façade, no one could tell what he was feeling inside.

“Domrik,” Gusto began, “you will eat your scrotum and testacals, according to ancient traditions of the warrior, I have snipped them off, now I have to let them become a part of you once again so, EAT UP,” he exclaimed and then began to laugh, the crowd fallowed suite.

Domrik stood up Scrotum in hand, without batting an eye he stuffed it in his mouth and began to chew, after he swallowed he picked up the other part of his main course, these he just popped in and swallowed, as he did so he cried and hoped that his wife had given birth to a son, otherwise his line would end with him, what he hoped more that the baby had survived and was still alive.

“Very good Domrik, I now absolve you of your debt and you are free to go,” Gusto said. However Domrik did not leave, he laughed and smiled and enjoyed the night, as promised Gusto put a plate of proper food in front of him, various meats and assorted greens. He had no fear from Gusto until tomorrow when the sun is at its highest, then either of them was free game to the other, and if Domrik surrendered again, he would be killed on the spot, nothing would save him after the first punishment.

After the night Domrik and the other Gangin Soldiers took to horse back and road off in the direction of Geldis Galhem, partly because the sun was getting high and partly because he did not want to be around to see the city they had camped out during the night burned to the ground, some of its citizens had left last night and other left with them this morning. Sure enough half an hour, twenty minutes, later from the north smoke began to rise, Minitus was gone and now Domrik needed to ride right to his capital city, Geldis Galhem, to gather troops and to check on his wife and to see it the baby had been born yet.

The arrival in Geldis Galhem was cold and rainy. Everyone looked at Domrik and knew what had happened, news told by those that had left Minitus the night before the Hurculians attacked and sacked it a week and a half ago, had been spreading the news.

Domrik marched his way through the city headed to his palace, the bath houses on his left looked sludgy and grimy, oh his right the meat market, he saw a prostitute there one time when he was younger, he was hoping she would bared him a son, soon he would find out. He rushed to the Great Palace of Gangula, he left his horse at the station just outside the palace’s 360 steps, one for each day of the year, in addition there were ten pillars out front, representing the number of months in the year, the building its self was made of white marble from Gagul pass in the Barrang Range, that had once been owned by Gangula, but when they lost Hophna they lost all their holdings in Barrang as well.

After climbing the steps and entering the Palace Domrik rushed to find his wife, servants and all kept telling him a mix of ‘congratulations’ and ‘I’m sorry’, he knew the baby had come but he did not yet know the sex of the baby, finally in the throne room, Domrik came face to face with his wife and their child, he walked up, she did not say a word, the baby was wrapped in white, he could not tell by the colors if the baby was a boy or girl. He tore back the blanket and immediately fell to his knees, a girl.

“My line ends with me then,” he said, he began to weep and sob uncontrollably, putting his hands over his face and even whipping away tears of a bad start to this New Year.

“What do you mean,” his wife finally said after a few minutes of him crying, “what do you mean your line ends with you?”

“Look,” he took his armor off, then his trousers, reveling the lack of some of his parts, “you see, I can no longer have children, our armies are destroyed and Hurculus will burn Geldis Galhem to the ground, most likely they will kill you, me and the kid.”
“Nieda,” she interjected quickly, “your daughter’s name is Nieda.”

He took Nieda and sat down in his own chair, “I wish I could make all our problems disappear somehow.”

“Remember the meat market where we met my love,” She reminded him, “we were so care free back then, I wish we could go back to that,” she cried.

“I have an idea,” Domrik said with glee. He put his armor back on then ran out of the palace with his daughter in hand, his wife not far behind, screaming ‘where are you going?’ He took to horse back and rode out of Geldis Galhem, heading north.

Not an hour out he found what he was looking for, the Hurculian army. “Gusto King of Hurculus,” he yelled out while on top of the hill, the Hurculians were climbing up, coming to no doubt attack Geldis Galhem ‘just in time’ he thought to himself.

“What is it Domrik,” Gusto yelled back, he put his horse in to a gallop to reach Domrik faster.

When he got close enough Domrik finally said, “I want peace and I think I’ve found a way to do that, that would satisfy both our counties.”

Gusto noticing the baby in Domriks hand as soon as his horse approached, “would it have to do with the baby in your hands, what use for a baby do you think I would have?”

“Well,” Domrik began, “this is a girl, and if you had a boy then she will marry your son, that way you get to expand your kingdom without bloodshed and I get to keep my line going.”

“How do I know that is a girl,” Gusto asked, Domrik removed the blanket and showed Gusto that she was in fact a girl, “how do I know that this is your daughter and the daughter of some random subject of yours?”

“She is mine,” Domrik said coldly, “you can ask my wife.”

Gusto looked at Domrik for a few minutes then finally said, “okay then, I believe you and we have a deal, for now you keep your kingdom, and we will still get it later, plus you will get to live still.”

Domrik had saved Gangula, though just narrowly. He stood up on the hill and looked over the field as the Hurculians retreated, he felt like he had done something for Gangula and he was proud. Domrik rode back to Geldis Galhem, slowly though, taking three hours to get back with his little Nieda. When he got back, he immediately went to the throne room and sat down, his wife next to him, she had a sour and unhappy look on her face.

“Where did you go,” she asked shortly.

“I went to save Gangula and its people,” he said proudly, “unfortunately; I had to give away Nieda to do this.”

“She is clearly right there in your lap, sitting and doing what babies do,” his wife said, “what do you mean you gave her away.”

“When Gusto has a son, she will be married to him,” he said to her without batting an eye, “she and I will be national Hero’s.”

“You gave her away just like that,” she cried with shock and terror, “my little girl is barely a week old and already she is to be married.”

“She saved the Kingdom,” he retorted, “she has already done more than most women; you should be envious of her, instead of damning toward me.”

The sun sat that day, everyone in the court had a bad taste in their mouth having to give so much for peace, but they agreed with Domrik and what he did to keep his people safe. Gusto left Gangula within another two weeks riding time to the boarder; everyone praised him as the savior of Hurculus from Gangula and Domrik, his actions although better than that of his sons, would be over shadowed by them, unfair though it is.

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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
PostSubject: Re: A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin   A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 12:32 pm

The title of the chapter I got from a song I like kitty

Chapter Two

Look inside; see what has become of her

Nieda grew up in Geldis Galhem. Her mother made every effort to spend time with her, knowing that one day she would have to leave for Hurculus, married off to a boy that had not been born yet. Her father, King Domrik, grew ever distant he made sure that she knew all the rules and customs of Hurculus, even though she did not want to, for that she resented him but she still loved him, he was her father after all.

One day she saw her father in her room when she was eight, he had a horse satchel, “father,” Nieda began, “what are you doing, am I going somewhere?”

“Yes my dear Nieda,” Domrik smiled, “we, not just you though, you and I are going to the land to the north, do you remember what it was called?”

A sour look and then a frown struck her face when she heard they were going that far north, “yes father, Hurculus,” she answered, “but why do we have to go to Hurculus, I don’t want to go to Hurculus.”

Domrik stopped packing so he could look her in the eyes, “love, you are going to Hurculus with me and you are hopefully going to meet your husband,” he stood back up and continued to pack some of her things.

“What is his name father,” Nieda asked.

“I don’t know,” Domrik retorted, “as far as I know, my love, he has not been born yet, we may even make it in time to watch him being born, would you like that Nieda, you want to see your husband being born?”

“Is he going to look like cousin Vedro when he was born,” she asked, “I don’t want to watch him being born, even if he is my husband.”

“NIEDA,” Domrik yelled, Nieda jumped back, he put the satchel back down turned around and looked Nieda right in the face, “you will come with me and you will watch your husband being born if need be and you will not say a mal-word of any sort, you hear me little girl,” Nieda looked down and began to cry, “NO,” Domrik yell as he slapped her across the face, “you will not cry and you will have a smile on your face while we are in Hurculus.”

“Why do you slap me father,” she asked him, “I have done nothing and you slap me, I love you father, why do you not love me?”

Still bent down, Domrik looked down at the ground, “I did something terrible to you while you were a baby, there is nothing I can do about it, I do love you Nieda, I just wish I hadn’t made the deal I made to save Gangula, I wish someone had stopped me,” Domrik began to cry, he kept thinking of that month, the worst mistakes of his life where made and he would do anything to go back and change that month.

“I forgive you father,” she said, and then gave him a hug, “please don’t cry, I’m sorry for making you cry, please stop.”

He pulled her in and continued to cry, “I love you Nieda and I am sorry for what has happened, most of all I am sorry for hitting you.”

Nieda turned and ran out of the room closing the door behind her, ‘probably going to tell her mother about the trip’ Domrik thought to himself. He continued to pack for the two and a half week trip there and then the return trip of the same length, hence they would need many cloths; food and such would not be a problem, every town in Gangula would give Domrik whatever he demanded, and if Gusto was true to his word they would get their fill for free in Hurculus as well.

Footsteps came from down the hall; the door opened and in came the Queen, “planning a trip Domrik,” she asked in a stern voice, he glance over at her, she was scowling and looked angry at what she was seeing, he went right back to packing.

“Gusto’s wife is about to give birth,” Domrik said, he stuffed more cloths into the satchel, “if it is a boy then that will be Nieda’s future husband--”

“Domrik, you actually plan on going through with our daughter’s marriage to some stranger’s kid,” she asked in a rage, “why do you not just tell Gusto no, he can’t have our daughter for his son?”

“I want to Kalpra, I want to so much,” he sat down on the bed and looked at Kalpra, “I can’t, the people hate me enough as it is, they don’t want war, they are sick of it, if I was to tell Gusto no then he would come down and attack us, so much is riding on this, I hate myself for making that deal, I know you do to.”

She looked at him and knew that he was sincere and she knew that war would come back if they refused to give up Nieda. Domrik began to cry once again Kalpra sat and hugged him, “she will be just north of us the rest of our lives, don’t cry, I don’t hate you, you did what you did and saved many lives.”

The next morning Domrik and Nieda left the palace, down the steps to the station outside the palace. They gave him two horses and a rider as he had requested earlier. The satchels were split equally between the two animals, Nieda rode with her father while the other rider took the other horse, his name was Fritnm, no one liked him, and so they frequently sent him on meaningless remedial errands, but not today Fritnm was riding with the king and his daughter, a great honor he thought, but in reality no other rider wanted to ride with the one that gave away his daughter.

The road to Hurculus was quite hilly, sparsely wooded in places. Several rivers ran through the area as well The Ovah, Rudamish and the longest river in all of Alzio the Jucit, it ran from the barrang range in the east all the way to Kilimash sea in the west. The three best places to cross were at Yiork Village, near the Barrange range, Gorgol City, the one they would they would take, being that it was the one that was most convenient due to it being just a day or so north of Geldis Galhem, and of course Bezleip port which was right on the water at Kilimash, they frequently traded with the Oritans being that that city of Kilimash was so close.

They reached the Rudamish Lake still a few days from the Hurculian boarder; about half the trip had been made. Instead of sleeping outside they stayed in the local Inn in the town of Rokerden.

“King Domrik,” Fritnm asked, while they ate their Olofog Stew, “sir, I have been wanting to say this to you for a long time--”

“Does it have to do with what happened eight years ago,” Domrik responded, “does it have to do with me giving away my daughter to save my people from destruction, “ he yelled, then stood up to hammer his point to everyone in the common area, “because that is what would have happened, how old are you, twenty-three you would have died at fifteen had I not done what I did, I have no regrets about it, now leave me alone,” the whole common area was looking at them, Domrik sat back down and continued his stew, everyone looked at him flabbergasted that he would say such a thing right out in the open.

After a few minutes of shocked starring, Fritnm finally said, “I’m sorry sir but that was not what I meant, I was going to say sacrificing Nieda there for the common people of your kingdom was really brave and selfless, and I respect you for it, even though you don’t respect yourself for having done a great thing.”

“Thank you,” Domrik said under his breath, no one had ever said it was a great thing to sacrifice his daughter for the good of his people, the first year after the hate hill truce, as it came to be known, whenever he would go anywhere people would say things and throw things and make fun of him for what happened at Minitus, his own people hating him for saving them, he never recovered from it and didn’t suppose he ever would.

They finally reached Borius, Domrik had no illusions, the Hurculians would not be nice, and after all just nine years ago he had burned this city right to the ground. He was amazed at how fast it had recovered and rebuilt. People stopped them to say thank you for stopping the war eight years ago telling him that Gusto planed to attack until all of Gangula was under his control. In former enemy land he was being treated how he should have been treated in Gangula, ‘how queer’ he thought.

When they arrived at Hessis, the Capital of Hurculus, there was a parade ready, people were happy to see him, he smiled and waved, he told Nieda to do the same. The Palace of King Furdinand looked like a mud brick house compared to the Grand Palace of Gangula. The palace stood on a slanted surface it had no columns to speak of; the façade was a dirty amalgamation of grass green and dirt brown. ‘A disgusting one floor dump rather than a palace’ Domrik said to himself.

“Father,” Nieda said as they approached the pathetic excuse for a palace, “will you really make me live here father. I don’t want to live in such an ugly looking building, please don’t make me live there.”

“Get Gusto’s son to build a new Palace then,” Domrik whispered into her ear, they both laughed.

The inside was not much better than the out. The dirty building was all hallways and rooms, nothing grand or massive to speak of. The throne/’grand’ dining hall was smaller than the slave quarters at the summer palace at Sako Point, just south of the Barrang Range. ‘A dirty and nasty place Hurculus was, and yet they beat the great Gangula in a war’ Domrik thought to himself.

“Welcome to Hessis,” Gusto said as Domrik and Nieda entered the Throne room, “you have come just in time the both of you,” Gusto got up and walked down to see his guests, “the baby is not yet born, but should come within the day,” he bent down and patted Nieda on the head, “you will like it here Nieda,” he stood back up and looked at Domrik, Nieda hid behind her father’s leg, “you are welcome to stay in one of the rooms here in the palace until you wish to go back to Gangula.”

“Thank you Gusto,” Domrik replied, he push Nieda back to his side, “we plan to stay only until the baby is born.”

“Will Nieda be here for an extended visit,” Gusto got back in Nieda face, she backed away again, “she can get acquainted with Hurculian customs.”

“No we are just here for the birth of the baby,” Domrik replied, “I have been schooling her at home about Hurculian customs.”

They walked down the dirty hallway. Assorted trinkets of Hurculian trophies and battles from long ago hang as mementos to the King and in remembrance from whence they came. They arrived at the birthing room, a cold and dark room. Little natural light came from the cracked ceiling above. Oil lamps hung on hooks in each corner of the room giving it an eerie glow, guests were already sitting in the chairs ready to watch the Kings wife, Nikola, give birth she herself was already on the ground in the corner. A priest of Hurculian Paganism knelt before her waiting for the baby to come out. Gusto, Domrik and Nieda each took a seat. They watched as she screamed her way through the birth, but they baby finally came out.

“A boy,” the priest said while biting then tying off the umbilical cord, “it is a boy, and now a name, what will you name him?”

“Hanudin,” Nikola answered, she lay down to catch her breath, “I will name him-”

“Like the domain of Kangi you are naming my son Hanudin,” Gusto stood up and dash to his son, the priest handed the boy to Gusto, “a warrior’s name he will have,” Gusto exclaimed, he looked at his son wrapped in his green blanket, “I will name you Haradin Alerik Hurcule, you will be king one day,” he held Haradin in the air, the people in the room clapped.

Domrik walk to Gusto and Haradin. He looked at Haradin for a few seconds, “so,” Domrik finally said, “this is my son-in-law, Haradin Alerik Hurcule,” Gusto handed Haradin to him.

“Nieda come,” Gusto said as if she was a dog, she looked at Domrik. He nodded at her. She ran over to Gusto, “Nieda,” Gusto said picking her up, “this is your husband Haradin.”

She squirmed and wriggled out of the hold and fell to the ground.

“Here Nieda, hold him,” Domrik bent down and gave Haradin to Nieda. He slipped a little as Nieda was not used to carrying any kind of weight. Gusto bent down and scooped his son up, not wanting him to be harmed in anyway. “Nieda,” Domrik yelled, he bent down and slapped her, “be careful with him, he is a baby after all, do you hear me?”

Nieda looked down and began to cry.

“Don’t cry in front of your husband you stupid girl,” Gusto said.

“Go wait outside the door,” Domrik said, his hand on her shoulder, “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “now get out of the room.”

She ran to the door tears streaming down her face, ‘I will not marry Haradin, and I won’t live in this gross place either’ she thought to herself, ‘I will kill whomever I have to,’ she ran out and closed the door behind her and waited for her father to come out.

The Kings finally came out of the room, Haradin in hand. Gusto looked at Nieda he snubbed her, clearly he was not happy with what had transpired in the last minute she was in the room, and he walked away.

Domrik bent down when Gusto left, “I’m sorry Nieda,” he said, “I did not want to hit you, but these people, they are barbaric like that,” he put his head down, “please forgive me,” he stood up and turned away from her.

“I-I-I will not father,” she put her head down, “I don’t want to marry that baby and I don’t want to move to this dirty place, if you love me at all you will not make me do those things, father.”

Domrik was taken aback. He backed up into the wall behind him and fell to the ground, “Nieda,” he said, “I will always love you, but I can’t stop this, I’m sorry, but this is your duty to your people, you saved them from death by the hands of these barbarians.”

“I don’t want to do this,” she cried, “I don’t want to be here ever again and if I am ever here again I will kill you and I will kill Haradin and I will kill all who try to stop me,” she yelled angrily, “I hate you and will never forgive you Domrik.”

“Fine,” Domrik said he stood up and walked down the one hall to the throne room, Nieda fallowed behind and said nothing more to Domrik.

“Domrik,” Gusto said as Domrik entered the Throne room, “I would like to thank you for coming to my son’s birth.”

“It was nothing,” Domrik responded, “I think Nieda and I will be leaving now, thank you for being such a gracious host to us,” he pushed Nieda to the front so she could say her thank yous as well.

“I’m going to Kill Haradin one day,” she exclaimed in front of the whole court people gasped and spat what they had in their mouths in shock of what the little girl had just said.

“I’m sorry about that,” Domrik said, he grabbed Nieda and ran out of the palace through the one hallway.

They received their mounts from the station outside, Fritnm ran out after them, not wanting to be the only Gangin in a room full of angry Hurculians, that were angry at Gangins.

“Geez Nieda,” Fritnm said, “why-”

“Finish that sentence and I will kill you myself,” Domrik said, “you don’t believe me, just try it,” he drew his sword and pointed it at Fritnm.

“I’m sorry sir.”

The rest of the way home, not a single word was uttered between the three of them. Nieda was mad at Domrik and Domirk was mad at Nieda and no one like Fritnm because he was annoying. Nieda did not speak to Domrik again after the trip even after they returned home.

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I tweeked it a bit but the title comes from another song

Chapter Three

Settling a Debt I Wish Never Would Be Paid

Fifteen years had passed. Nieda now twenty-three and Haradin fifteen, the wedding now only three and a half weeks away, Nieda and her father departed from Geldis Galhem heading north to Hurculus where Nieda would be married to Haradin. Nieda shackled and flanked on either side by guards, not for safety but to make certain that she make it to Hessis undeterred, war would not resume between the two Kingdoms if she made it there before the wedding.

When marching through the hamlets, towns, villages and cities of the Gangin country side people saw Nieda and Domrik. They cried for her and tossed things at him, stail bread, bricks, rocks were a big hit, even the lowly tomato became a weapon.

Civil war had been brewing for quite some time now. Domrik had created the Bokeska, the people’s council to try and stave off war, and of course to keep himself in power. One council member told him if he went through with the wedding, the day he came back, he would no longer be king, and that the Bokeska would see to it personally, ‘idle threats’ Domrick thought to himself.

Either way Domrik would lose it seemed though. Nieda gets married, his land goes to the Hurculians, but the Bokeska would fight to claim it as the Republic of Gangula, if they were serious, and if he didn’t the people would never fight for him when the Hurculians come down, a great general would rise and de-throne him, “what a mess,” he whispered to himself.

“What a mess indeed father,” Nieda said as she rode by, Domrik looked up suddenly not thinking anyone heard him, “Grism does not like that you have given me away; he is punishing you. You can still stop this, reject the path that you are walking father, you can still save me and your country,” she smiled, “I can make it happen, all we have to do is go home to Geldis Galhem.”

“There is nothing anyone can do,” he said sadly, “I love you Nieda, and I have made such a mess of things.”

She rode next to him for a minute he looked up and saw her blood thirsty gaze and knew that she was not the woman he had intended her to be.

“I’m so--”

“I do not want to hear it,” she interrupted, “I do not want to hear your lame excuses, I do not want to hear your apologies, I will hate you forever when we get to Hurculus, mother would never forgive if she was still alive, I will kill you.”

“I look forward to that,” Domrik responded, “it is what I deserve, I’ve made such a mess of all this but most importantly I’ve lost--”

“I said I do not want to hear it and I meant it,” Nieda said angerly, “now keep quite old man.”

The first real conversation they have had in years, each left a bad taste in the other’s mouth, ‘such a mess’ Domrik thought to himself.

The rest of the way to Hessis was marked by silence and nothing more. The soldiers could feel the tension and were too afraid to try to talk amongst themselves, for fear of being yelled at then killed.

They past the rivers, then the lake, then they entered Hurculus, then the farm and hill country that lead to Hessis. Nieda knew now that her freedom depended on her, Domrik had abandoned her.

The tents, tables, chairs and the like were being set up on the Hessin plain just outside of the city. In seven days Nieda would be married to someone she did not love, and her father did not seem to care anymore.

The Gangin group arrived a week before the wedding, so they have six days to prepare for everything. Nieda was stuffed into dress after dress to try and find one that worked well for the Hurculian onlookers who were dedicated to their gods, just as the Gangins were, but the Hurculians believed that women were property and had to cover up, for fear that they would distract the men, any women caught going against this law was flogged for twenty-five minutes then, if they still lived, had salt from the Oramet desert rubbed into their wounds, they screamed out in pain every time. A spectacle that people paid to watch, they would cheer the flogger on as the woman cried in pain and agony. If she still lived after that she was taken to the government farm where she was made to work for a year then she was released in to the general public, hopefully she learned her lesson, wear your cloths properly.

There was one woman this happened to Frina Dorno. She was caught the first time, back when they were more lenient and she was let off with a warning, she came back and did the same thing again and she was flogged, salted then sent to the farms. When she returned she committed the same offence and was again flogged, salted then sent to the farms, again she came back and again she broke the same law. The High Priest ordered that she be taken to the mines in the Barrang Range and was made to work there for the rest of her life. She escaped came back to Hessis and committed the same offence again. She was flogged and salted then she was brought in front of high priest but instead of hearing the case one of the guards walked up and stabbed her several times until she fell dead, she was tossed into the desert and he was hailed as a hero ‘how barbaric’ Domrik said when he first heard the story ‘punishing someone for the clothes they wear’ he knew Nieda would hate it here.

Preparations for the wedding continued for the next five days. People poking, prodding and dressing, undressing Nieda, by the end of it all she did not know which ways was up and did not care anyway. Her thoughts were on the day itself and how much for the first time in her life she might enjoy herself.

“Nieda,” a voice said, it made Nieda jump, she tossed something on the ground then turned around, it was her father Domrik, “listen, I,” he paused for a while not sure what he would say or even could say anything, the relationship with his daughter was not good and it could not get better, but even so he still loved her, Nieda stared at him intently waiting for him to tell his lies and swear up and down the halls to Grism that he was sorry for what he had done, “I hope you like Hurculus, tomorrow it will be your new home after all.”

“That’s it,” she asked, she looked at him with disgust, “get out of here, I never want to see you for as long as I live unless it is the day I kill you,” Domrik walked out and knew that nothing short of stopping the wedding would have their relationship.

The day had finally come. The day that the two Kingdoms of Gangula and Hurculus would finally be united under the Hurculian flag. Domrick had hoped to unite the two kingdoms twenty-four years ago, but under the Gangin flag, Hurculus was backward and intolerant compared to Gangula who had mastered iron working just ten years ago.

The day finally came. Trumpets blared all around. Animals roamed the grounds feeding off the grasses available. Trumpets sound a few more times, then the moment came, Nieda walked down the aisle. Haradin before her and chairs on either side of her, and some Gangin soldiers behind her to make sure she walked in the correct direction. She looked out amongst the audience and walked forward. Plenty of people, the kings of Gangula and Hurculus of course, but the King of Oritus, Degan, and his son, prince Phaomir, then scores and scores of Hurculian, Gangin and Oritan leaders, and lastly poor people that came to watch and get free food after the ceremony was over.

Nieda finished the march to the front of this whole ordeal, the soldiers at her back walked to a seat near her to make sure there was no funny business. The rest backed off after she made it there. The high priest Valavader walked to the spot in front of them and reached for a book in his pocket, the soldier was on alert.

“Haradin Alerik Hurcule,” the priest said, “so you agree to all the terms of marriage, including defense of your property and protection of it no matter what the cost?”

“I agree,” he retorted, he looked at his father who had his thumb and pinky up, a sign of a job well done to the Hurculians.

“I now pronounce you both--”

“Wait,” Nieda interrupted, “I am person and I have rights,” the Hurculians in the crowd began to laugh, even the Hurculian women, “I will show you then,” she took out a dagger and jumped at the priest, the symbol of their backwardness, she stabbed him in the head several times. He fell to the ground, dead. “Come here Haradin,” she inched toward the defenseless boy; the crowed was too shocked to even think to get up and save the boy from death, the soldier did not do anything either. Haradin fell down, Domrik realized what was happening and ran over. Nieda held her dagger in the air, “good bye Haradin,” an evil look of prime satisfaction was unmistakable on her face, and her dagger fell aimed right for the young boy’s heart. The clinking of metal against metal radiated out hurting many people’s ears.

Nieda frowned, she did not kill Haradin, she looked over to see who had saved his life, “Domrik,” Nieda said the evil smile returned to her face, “time for you to go,” she took her dagger and thrust it into Domriks neck, though he had plenty of time, Domrik did not block the blow. Nieda looked around, the people were still in shock, She turned to Haradin, “I’ll take care of you later,” down the aisle she ran, the soldier just sat there and did nothing, later he would be accused of taking a bribe from Nieda, nothing was ever confirmed, and he was eventually let go after years of mine work.

The crowd was still focused on Domrik, now squirming, unable to stop the bleeding, unable to fix the wound, and unable to hold on to life, Domrik finally fell silent Kangum thirty-three and with that his contract with Gusto about Nieda and Haradin was broken.

Peace for his people and his daughter’s freedom, the last two things he wished for, and when he died they both became true, though he would never know the satisfaction of it. Domrik’s body was burned by Gusto and Degan and he was given the last rights of the warrior called Kangoni.

Haradin walk to his father and Degan as they watched the final ashes cool, “father where is that mean girl that is supposed to be my wife?”

“It must have run to Gangula,” Gusto replied, looking in that direction, “a thought Degan.”

“What is it Gusto,” Degan asked, he could hardly stand Gusto, just like Domrik.

“How about we take Gangula, there is no male to rule,” Gusto exclaimed, “this means they will need capable male leaders.”

“No,” Degan replied, “Women can rule, while my father died and before my sixteenth birthday my mother held the throne of Oritus.”

“No they are inferior to men and should not be allowed to rule,” Gusto said, he got in Degan’s face, “if I had been on the throne during that time you can be sure that Oritus would be under the Hurculian flag right now, and you are old Degan, your first son should take the throne soon.”

“I am getting up in years,” Degan admitted, he was born sixty years before Haradin and had three daughters and the one son, Phaomir, “I’m not sure about Phaomir, he is a is a little slow after all, I think I will give ruling control of Oritus to Fiira.”

“I hope for her sake she can with stand the power and prowess of my armies,” Gutso said, he looked Degan right in the eyes, “when you die, I will invade Oritus if a man is not on the throne.”

“Then let Fiira take you down to a low point, she will hold out as long as you are King,” Degan said, a sword fight was about to break out, the tension could be felt, by Haradin and all others that were close enough to hear this dangerous argument.

“Where is Phaomir,” Haradin asked suddenly, breaking the tension, “I wanna play a game with him, it is easy to trick him you know.”

“PHAOMIR,” Degan yelled, he looked all over employing the people that had stuck around to look with him, “where is Phaomir?”

Finally after hours of looking a guard at the eastern gate came up to them, “I know where your son is,” he said sadly, “Nieda took him after she Killed her father and the priest, I saw her as she ran past, a little boy ran behind her, she had him by the arm, I’m sorry to report that your son has been kidnapped by Nieda the insane.”

Degan fell to the ground, “no, no, no,” he said with increasing anger, “NO, I’m going to organize an army and I am going to get my son back.”

“I am going to organize an army and put a male at the head of Gangula,” Gusto replied happily.

Degan ran and packed his things hurriedly stuffing his things into his ridding satchel.

“Use your head Degan,” Gusto said as he walked in, “the sand and forest raiders will cut you up, you feeble old man, you cannot possibly leave tonight, stay the night, you are no good to your son dead,” wise words if they had been sincere, Gusto wanted to delay Degan, there were no sand or forest raiders of any kind in one hundred years, Gusto wanted Gangula all to himself. Degan, in the emotional state he was, fell for the delay and stayed the night. The next day he rode off to Oritus to gather his armies so he could save his son, Phaomir, ‘even if he is slow, he is still my son,’ he thought to himself.

Gusto sent out riders to gather men and horses who came to Hessis and food, which was sent to Borius, since they did not need the food at the moment, or even until they got down to the boarder land. One of the first families to arrive was the leaders of Moutown and its outlying regions, Mekosha Heellos was the lord that would battle with Gusto.

Haradin sat on his horse watching the people pour into the city. He looked around and saw his father talking with Mekosha, his family behind him. That’s when he saw her, Vespira Heellos, daughter of Mekosha. A beautiful girl nineteen years old, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a smile that was as bright as Grism. When Haradin saw her he immediately he knew that he had to have her for the rest of his life. He dismounted and walked over, she saw that he was looking at her so she faced him and bowed.

“Prince Haradin,” she said, “how do you do?”

“I am well,” he replied, his words came out nervous and sacred; he never had to date before because Nieda was supposed to be the one he married, the concepts of talking to woman he had a romantic interest in were as foreign to him as Gangin to Hurculus.

“I heard about what happened with your wife Nieda,” she said concernedly, “are you ok, she didn’t hurt you did she,” she asked, her hand on his arm rubbing it.

“No ma’am, I am just fine,” he said with confidence a smile overcame his face, “I escaped unharmed, I did watch her father, Domrik, die right in front of me, in fact if it had not been for him, I probably would have died too.”

“Haradin,” Gusto yelled, he stormed over, “what are you doing, Nieda will be your wife, leave this object alone, you stupid boy.”

“I like her much more then Nieda,” he said defiantly, “plus she has never tried to kill me. I will be with her father, even if I must kill Nieda myself.”

Gusto stood back to assess his son. After a minute he finally said, “ok then Haradin, you don’t have to marry Nieda,” Gusto turned to look at Mekosha, “Mekosha your daughter is now with my son, disagree and I will have your family killed.”

Mekosha looked at Gusto, then his daughter and Haradin, “Oh really,” he asked walking over to Haradin and Vespira, “is this true Vespera, you are going with Haradin, Prince of our great country?”

“Yes father,” she said quickly she looked down, trying to keep from seeing her father’s eyes, “I very much like him.”

“Very good,” Mekosha exclaimed, “I am very happy, one day my daughter will be Queen,” he looked back at his wife, “woman, our creation will be queen one day, congratulate her, else I will have you flogged.”

She walked over and looked at her daughter, “congratulations Vespira, I am quite happy for you, get married soon,” she said as if she did not care.

“Thank you mother,” Vespira said happily then turned to her father, “I get to go on the campaign, right? I am the woman of one of the campaigners after all.”

“Your man will make that choice for you,” Gusto yelled, pulling out his sword and pointing it at Mekosha.

“Yes,” Mekosha said in agreement, “your man will choose to let you come or not.” Gusto reholstered his weapon, satisfied with the answer.

She turned to Haradin, “well,” she said in a way that made Haradin forget that he did not want her anywhere near the battles that would be fought in Gangula.

“Of course you can come, Vespira,” he said without realizing, she began to clap and cheer, Haradin did not have the heart to tell her otherwise, so Vespira would come campaign to Gangula.

“She is your woman Haradin,” Mekosha said, “she will sleep in your tent, the whole campaign; even if you decide you don’t like her anymore, she comes nowhere near my tent got it? In fact I’m going to sleep at the opposite end of camp, just so she can’t sneak in to my tent at night.”

Waiting for all the thirty-thousand troops took two months the war camp slowly expanded outside Hessis for that amount of time. Haradin and Vespira took the time to get to know each other better, they became inseparable, unless Haradin was in training with the army and even then Vespira was watching him. When they did leave Haradin was assigned officer level one, or Gunter, by his father. He was serving under Mekosha, who was assigned officer level two, or tengster. Haradin commanded one hundred men, while Mekosha commanded those one hundred plus nine-hundred others. Mekosha was commanded by one of the three yootengsters, who commanded ten thousand men. The king himself took command over the three yootengsters who told his commands to the rest of the troops. Whenever possible he rode into battles spear heading the attack, which would happen soon, now that all the men were there they had to move south first and stop at Borius to gather their food, then they would be ready to ride against Gangula and it’s woman ruler.

The road to Borius is long and takes a week and a half to make riding, walking it takes more than a month. There was a river in their way, the Rhilga, longest and widest in all of Hurculus, but it was not much of a problem, there was a fairy at the town of Sekna, to cross everyone took a week and they were off again. Finally a month and three weeks after they left Hessis, Borius came into view, all the stored food waiting for them and just south not more than an hour of walking and you would find yourself in Gangula.

The night before the invasion Gusto stood up so all his warriors and their families could see him, “sleep well tonight,” he began, “for tomorrow we begin taking Gangula, and then if we are lucky the Oritans will fall to us as well,” he smiled and the crowd cheered.

Haradin and Vespira left for their tent, “Haradin,” Vespira said, “tomorrow if there is a battle, be careful”, she said with genuine concern, “please be careful, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“I will be careful,” he replied, and then he kissed her, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you either love.”

That night a priest that traveled with the war column was seen entering the tent of Haradin and Vespira. An hour and a half later he was seen leaving it, no one knows for sure but it is commonly believed that Haradin and Vespira were married that night. No one cared though, the people were more focused on the war that was only hours away, and they expected it to be over quickly, because the Gangins were not expecting the attack, Hurculus, they believed, had the upper hand.

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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
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Chapter Four

Give Me the Strength to Face Them

While Gusto gathered men mounts and food and just generally prepared for his invasion of Gangula, Degan rode back to Oritus, the men he had rode with still miles behind him because he pushed his mount hard, ‘I must save poor Phaomir’ he kept telling himself, as he push his mount harder and harder. Degan was old and lucky enough to have seen several wars, failed insurrections, all out war between Hurculus, back when Gusto’s father, Lucika, was king, and Gangula, with Domrik’s father Grago and then one with Domrik himself, just before the war Domrik had with Hurculus that set these events into motion, and now it would seem as though he would go to war against Domrik’s daughter, three generations of Gangules, ‘land and power hungry people’ Degan said to himself.

When Degan finally arrived at Otivon a week had passed, an unheard of amount of time to travel between Otivon and Hessis. The ride there had taken him and all his companions, including his son, two weeks to complete.

The city of Otivon was built on and around a hill called Oross, it did not have a steep incline and from the years of people moving the dirt and when King Phaothorn ordered the hill leveled, which was never finished because the king died and the people lost interesting in destroying the hill upon which they lived, it could barely be called a hill anymore. The death of Phaothorn lead to one of the countries annual festivals, Orsos, when every city in Oritus would take some dirt to the middle of their city and build a little hill, if the hill remind despite all the walking and shaking of the ground and kids wanting to touch it, then that city was said to have a lucky year.

The Palace of the Oritan, as it was called, was at the north end of the city and was just near all the shops so that food could be prepared for the king and his court easily and freshly, because most meats needed to be imported the freshness of it was a big concern of the one who had to eat it like the king and important people in government.

He entered the city from the East Gate, also called the Gate of Kradom, one of the great Kings of Oritus. He rushed past the elevated Flatho Commons, one of the residential districts, the poorest one at that, past Flatho square here a few shops sold clothes and food both cooked and uncooked, in the middle of the square stood a fountain with a statue of Flatho made out of marble, he was one of the first kings of Oritus and the one who made the capital Otivon, where it had once been Kilimash. He entered the market district, and saw at the end of the endless parade of shops the Palace of the Oritan. As fast as his mount would take them, they rode, knocking people over in the process, but he was not concerned at the safety of the people. He ran up the ten steps, the guards opened the doors without question. Degan went straight to the throne room, his daughters, Fiira (32), Oda (22), and Pokna(18), sitting on the thrones laughing and joking.

“Your brother’s been kidnapped,” Degan said as he walked toward the three, ladies of Oritus.

“Father, who has taken poor little Phaomir,” Oda asked, “Where is he being held? What is the ransom?”

“Nieda, the b*tch of Gangula, has taken him from us, but we will get him back,” his tone changed suddenly, “Fiira, you know what to do, gather the armies we meet at Kilimash in a month and a week.”

“Yes father,” Fiira said. She ran out of the room to pass the orders of her father to the Generals and other commanders who would send out riders to the various cities of Oritus.

“Father,” asked Pokna, the youngest daughter, “why has Phaomir been taken?”

“I don’t know but I will fight until he is back and safe in Oritus, of that you can be assured my daughter,” Degan patted her on the head, then moved on to his military strategy.

“Father you are too old to campaign, it will kill you,” Oda pleaded, “please let Fiira take care of those stupid Gangins.”

“I can’t I must help save my son,” he replied, “I need to save my son, it is bad enough that he will not rule Oritus at all during his life, but he will be free and able to wander all of Oritus if he chooses, I will not, as long as Grisim will allow, let my son suffer at the hands of any Gangin, especially one that would kill her own father.”

“I see,” she sighed, “good luck then father, I hope you, Firra and Phaomir, most of all, come back safely.”

“Yes father, please stay alive,” Pokna chimed in, “and get little Phaomir back”.

“Very good my daughters,” he said proudly, “you are appointed ruler until I or Fiira’s return, Veciko Sucnan,” Degan sat down, tired after his marathon ride to Otivon, “if neither of us return, Oda gets the throne when she is thirty.”

“The Kingdom is in good hands sir,” Veciko said, “I will make sure everything runs as smooth as usual, and if it is your wish that I give it up in eight years I shall, you need not worry sir.”

Degan went to bed that night worrying about Phaomir but knowing that everything would be fine, after all his highly capable daughter was going to help him get Phaomir back and that his greatest advisor would rule the Kingdom in his and his daughter’s absence.

The month and week flew by. Degan and Fiira left for Kilimash two weeks before the departure date and arrived a mire week before that. Men, mounts and supplies flooded the city and the ships from the cities of Tamos and Lundok arrived supplementing the eight ships that occupied the port. Gangin ships happened to be at the port at the time of Degans arrival, he ordered them to be taken and the boats be converted for military use, The Oritans did so and were able to take three of the four ships the last one tried to escape, but it did not go far, the ORS Kangi made sure no ship went to warn the main Gangin trade port of Bezleip, and the target of their first attack, that anything was amiss.

After the week was up Degan called together his generals and put them each on a boat with raw untrained men and told them they had a week and a half trip to Bezleip to train their men.

“Father, you cannot do this our armies need time to train,” Fiira said trying to shove some sense into her father, “I love bother too but you cannot expect what seem to be farmers and villagers to be able to war against the professional armies of Gangula, though the Hurculians beat them, they have had over twenty years to recover from that, do not be a fool Degan, you are old you do not get that way by being a fool.”

“The Hurculians are attacking too Fiira,” Degan said with a smile, “so ou--”

“Degan,” Fiira yelled with anger, “we have twenty-five thousand men, untrained and ill equipped, if you love Phaomir at all and have any sense left in your brain you will train our armies, for Kangi’s sake we have Bronze weapons, the Gangins are using iron.”

Degan looked over the side of the war ship and looked at his army, rag tag and undisciplined, he knew she was right, the invasion would have to be postponed in order to train properly, but that would take at least a month, time which Phaomir could have untold horrors visited upon him by the sadistic woman that Nieda had become.

“Tell them to train fast Fiira,” Degan said he disembarked and walked to the old palace, formerly known as the Palace of Teirmos, it was the first and most basic government head quarters in all of Alzio, though back when Teirmos was King, he was not King of Oritus, but an independent kingdom called Kilimash after the city it’s self, the unification of Oritus happened much the same way and near the same time as the unifications of Hurculus and Gangula. It was just one room with smaller side rooms for storage, sleeping quarters and a kitchen. There he stayed for most of the month while Fiira reported on the progress of the men and the mounts. The news was promising and Degan was happy and moved to his flag ship, the ORS Teirmos.

The ships were loaded. The men, more army like in their efficacy when loading the ships, ‘we can do this’ Degan thought to himself. He looked out from the deck of the Teirmos and he smiled. “Oritans,” he called out; the people looked up to see what Degan had to say, “this war I promise will not last long, we are just going to get Phaomir back and we will leave the backward Hurculians to do with Gangula as they see fit or the Gangins to do with Hurculus as they see fit, depending on who win between the two, Oritus will remain natural, for the most part.”

The people clapped and went back to their work, tomorrow they would set sail for Gangula and, they hoped, their lost son, Prince Phaomir Orton.

The armada of twenty-five thousand men and thirty Galleys set sail from Kilimash, a week and a half from Gangula, ‘who knows how long until Phaomir would be back safely in Oritus’ Fiira thought to herself ‘he may never come home’ she added.

The days flew by until Bezleip came into sight. The land warriors disembarked just before the city, Fiira at the lead, Degan stayed on the ship. War ships of Gangula left the city. The Battle of Bezleip was a battle on land and at sea and was about to begin.

Fiira had her men ford the river near the bridge, which was too narrow to bring across enough troops at once, luckily this was a shallow and narrow part of the river. Bezleip defenses were forming up just on the outskirts of the city.

“General Diaha, take your cavalry and hit them,” she yelled at the men on mounts, “General Gradigern let’s see how they like arrows for rain, General Pitna you are with me, let’s go men.” Diaha’s men hit them quick and often, in between raids on the enemy lines, Gradigern had his men rain arrows on them killing several hundred. Fiira and Pitna moved their men, pushing them as hard and as fast as they would go, Fiira wanted her brother back as much as her father, wanted his son back.

In Bezleip bay seventy galleys went head to head attempting to sink one another. The Gangin ships had early luck by taking out six boats, but had also suffered several casualties. Archers with flame arrows pelted every boat, some caught fire others just blew out and continued to fight. The more popular weapon was the ram, at full power if it hit a ship it was said to completely bifurcate it. Few if any believed such a tail to have merit of any kind, but it was an interesting story to tell. The luck of the Oritan army quickly turned with the sinking of three enemy ships while losing seven themselves.

Back on land Fiira finally reached the Bezleip soldiers. The cavalry at this point had been taken out of the battle when Gangins set themselves into infantry squares, the mounts were far too frightened to come close to the men, let alone attack them. Archers still fired on them from across the field raining deadly arrows on the enemy and coming ever closer to friendly fire. Hand to hand combat ensued and the cavalry attacked once more, the four thousand soldiers of Gangula had no chance. Bronze swords fell on iron, and when the Bronze broke the Oritans over whelmed them in numbers forcing them to the city walls where they were killed with their own iron weapons. Three hundred seventy-nine Gangins surrendered, as was customary of the times half were killed, the others were disarmed and made to bury the dead a huge nine thousand killed. Gangula killed more but the numbers the Oritans had allowed them to carry the day on land. After the burial and the last rights of the warrior, the rest of the men were made slaves and forced to carry the supplies for the army.

While the ground battle was being won, the sea battle was almost lost, many galleys slipped beneath the waves. Degan jumped up at the sight of his ships sinking.

“General Demce,” Degan said angrily, “command better,” the sight of another galley sent Degan into a rage, he pointed at the sinking ship, “LOOK! That was once my ship, if you cannot command properly then you will not live,” Degan took out his short sword and thrust the blade into Demce’s back, “worthless scum!” He looked around, “you toss this useless pile of flesh and bone over the side.”

Degan took personal command of the navel forces, even sending his own into the battle, a very risky move. From a fight of forty to thirty in t he beginning to thirty-one to thirteen before Degan took command to zero to four, ending with Oritan victory. Degan looked at his four ships, the Taiko, the Kangi, the Lardikom, and his own ship the Teirmos, they had won the day.

The ships entered the harbor and the ground forces broke the front gate and poured into the city. Under no circumstances were they to pillage, plunder or raze the city, orders that came directly from Degan with Fiira’s influence of course. The soldiers marched through the city to the government building, Gangin citizens looked on in amazement as they Oritans, who they thought were Hurculians, only marched and did not attempt to loot. The governor of Bezleip stood to meet the conquerors of the city outside of the government building. A grey old man that was going balled and was wearing a green shirt with a purple cape and black pants.

“Hurculus, the city of Bezleip surrenders to you,” the old man said, “please I have ruled this city since I was twenty don’t burn it to the ground, I’ve heard of Minitus and I don’t want that to be my poor Bezleip.”

“We are of Oritus good old man,” Fiira replied.

“That would make more sense seeing as how the Hurculians would never allow a woman in their ranks, brutish those men of the north are,” he retorted, “it also makes less sense because you are from Oritus and you are attacking our city.”

“Indeed,” Fiira said, “now your city, we will not burn it to the ground but we will need to take all of your weapons, especially the ones that are made of iron, get your men on it now.”

“Velgo,” the man said suddenly, “to the armory and bring with you all the weapons back.”

“I will do so sir,” he saluted the Gangin way.

“Idiot, we are not part of Gangula anymore, this city will fly and Oritan flag,” he smacked Velgo a few times and looked back at Fiira, “I’m sorry my mistress.”

“It is nothing,” she looked back at the captured men, “slaves help that man, if any of you raise a weapon against us,” she paused and looked at the governor, “we will burn the city, got it?”

The men quickly ran after Velgo. Fearing their home, families and their city, not one man took arms against the Oritans. The Oritans became more prepared with every iron sword, shield and spear that was taken and given to an Oritan.

Degan walked up to Fiira and the governor with a big smile on his face.

“Who might you be good sir,” the governor asked, “please if you would just wait in your house the news--”

Degan laughed, “as if I would live in such a place where the royalty kidnaps member of other royal families,” Degan said, “I am Degan Orton King of Oritus and, with a lot of luck I might say, capturer of Bezleip, nice to meet you,” he turned to his men who were getting the feel for their new arms, “kill him.”

“Father!” Fiira yelled, her troops moved forward, the governor stepped back, “stay back men,” she directed and they did so, “let talk inside before we decide what to do, ok Degan?”

“Fine,” Degan replied, “guards you come with us, Taffers supervise our slaves as they repair our ships, the rest of you relax in the city until you are called to move out,” Fiira glared at Degan, “oh and don’t hurt the native population.”

Fiira, Degan, the governor and the guards walked up the stairs to talk of what would become of Bezleip.

As Bezleip was being captured by the Oritans, the war machine of the Hurculians was moving south to Geldis Galhem. Gusto did not intend to keep it as a city, ‘Raze it to the ground’ he told one of his commanders ‘loot and pillage in the name of Hurculus’ he added. They swept through country side raping and killing at will when they took Minitus. They raped and killed one of the women there a small girl ran and cried at her side, the men took the girl, tied her to a post and shot arrows at her, Vespira saw it happen in front of her and she was disgusted. A woman we was pregnant was trying to get away but the soldiers quickly caught her, one of the commanders saw this happening, “you animals, she is pregnant leave her alone,” his attention caught by another little girl near her dead mom, “take her,” the soldiers looked and began walking toward her, they grabbed her by the arms and started toward the post.

“Hey,” Vespira yelled out, “that’s my sister, leave her alone.”

“A Gangin women with some scrot,” one of the men said laughing, “they are a pittance a pound here, aren’t they boys?” His group laughed and they raised their swords.

Haradin saw what was happening, he was also shamed in the manner his countrymen were acting to the civilians, “don’t you lay a hand on my wife, or I shall have your penises removed,” he yelled at them, “then you will look just like the woman you are.”

“She is your wife,” they asked, “so sorry sir, please forgive us,” they dropped the girl who fell to her knees and cried. Vespira and Haradin walked over to her.

“Are you ok,” Vespira asked, she knelt down, “what is your name?” She wiped the tears from the little girl’s eyes.

“Cartica,” she replied tears still streaming down her face, “those mean men killed my mommy and you are dressed like the mean men, are you mean too? If you are I’m going to run away.”

“No,” Haradin said while patting the girl on the head, “we will keep you safe Cartica, you will be our princess. Would you like that?”

“Haradin, we couldn’t--”

“If we leave her she will not live,” he said to Vespira, “we didn’t just save her life to let her die, I won’t allow it, I just won’t. She is coming with us, and that is the final word I will hear on the matter.”

“Fine,” Vespira replied happily, she rocked the child in her arms, “you get to come with us, is that ok with you Cartica?”

“Yes,” she replied, “I am hungry.” They took her back to the camp and fed her all the food she could stuff into her mouth, meats, cheeses and all manner of green food.

The great sweep into Gangula brought them to the doorstep of Geldis Galhem in just a few weeks. Nieda saw them coming and received daily reports of death and devastation in the wake of the Hurculus advance. She gathered ever man she could and set up defenses in the city and prepared for the attack she knew would be coming as soon as the Hurculians laid eyes on the city. She was nearly right they rested a day and then attacked the city the following day.

The lines of men equaled no less than sixty thousand in all. When the battle began, Haradin and Mekosha attacked forward, their area was hit the hardest by arrows raining down of the wall of Geldis Galhem, but the bowman of Hurculus fired back with increasing ferocity and thinned out the Gangin archers numbers. A stray arrow, shot by an archer on the walls of Geldis Galhem who was shot by an archer behind the Hurculian lines, flew in to the Hurculian camp. Haradin was momentarily distracted and nearly had his leg taken off, but regained himself in time and continued to fight, first by take off the head of the man that had tried to take off his leg, after he moved on to the next person.

The battle ended when the Gangin commander was slain and his sub-commanders surrendered, they knew the punishment that awaited them. Finally the Hurculians had a major victory and they entered the North Gate like they were on top of the world. Nieda was found to have fled the city and had run east taking her main people, and Phaomir.

“We have the city and soon we will have the b*tch,” Gusto exclaimed after he walked out of the captured Palace, “pillage and rape until your heart is content my brothers, this is your night my men, take it in and live it to the fullest, for tomorrow you may find an arrow in your heart, so celebrate now while you can,” he walked down the stairs, his men fanned out into the city and began to loot and burn everything and everyone.

After the speech Haradin walked back to camp to see his Wife and their adopted daughter, when he arrived at the tent he heard crying, it was Vespira,though he thought it would be Cartica.

“What is wrong Vespira,” he asked while he hugged her, he looked around, “where is Cartica,” he asked, she broke out into more tears, Haradin held her and waited until she claimed down enough to tell him what was wrong.

“Cartica is dead,” she finally said, she continued to cry, Haradin shed a tear and held her.

“Dead,” he asked, more tears began to stream down his face, “how, why, no, it can’t be, what happened to her,” he asked frantically.

“An arrow,” she pushed him away and walked over to the bed and picked up a blood stained arrow, “from your father’s war comes the death of our child, I hope you are happy.” She sat down and began to cry again.

Haradin inspected the arrow, not knowing what to make of it, the battle, war and the death of Cartica was too much to feel or even think about in one day.

“I want a family Haradin,” she yelled at him suddenly, “having that little girl for as little time as we did was the happiest time of my life, mount me, give me a child Haradin, continue your line in me, I beg you take me Haradin, take me.”

Too much on his mind, he could not perform what she wanted and expected of him. She understood and after a while did not push the matter any further. The next day, she found that she was menstruating, if they had had sex last night she could have been pregnant today. Now they might have to wait for years before she is able to have children again.

The Grisimin woman did menstruated erratically, and was taken as a given for all females, one could go a life time without it, and someone else would go a whole year with it. Knowing this it was a big deal for a woman to get pregnant and have a child. That is also the reason men took four wives, to increase the chances of gaining an heir, their first wife could get the most attention but also had the most work to do. However it was looked down upon for a prince to take more than one wife, until he became king that is, then he was encouraged to take as many as he wished or saw fit to take.

Haradin and Vespira watched Geldis Galhem burn. Nieda and Phaomir watched it burn too, before continuing their escape to the east, Phaomir thought it was a game, he laughed and had fun the whole way.

Degan and Fiira saw the smoke rising from the east and decided they would see if Nieda and Phaomir were headed to the southern coastal city of Gangule, which they learned about from maps taken from Bezleip. Bezleip was left in the care of the capable old man, who had ruled it since he was twenty.

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Chapter Five

Divide, Break Apart and Divide

Degan and Fiira continued to march their men to Gangule, the city named for the royal family of Gangula. The rulers of early Gangula were unimaginative and just named things after themselves. When the Barrang Range was taken from the hill men by King Barrang of Gangula he just named them after himself. Hophna was named after the goddess of trees and nature when it was captured by King Yolosh, which has since changed hands several times, it is currently claimed by Hurculus after it was captured by Gusto’s Grandfather King Furdinand, the name has not changed since Yolosh was king, because the people felt it was appropriate.

A week pasted after the battle of Galdis Galhem. The city was little more than ash, only a few buildings still stood, and even those ones that were still standing were scorched badly. Most of the native people were dead, the ones that weren’t hid in fear of being raped, killed, or both, sometimes not in that order. Haradin and Vespira held each other in sadness the whole time over the death of Cartica, and did nothing to try and save the Gangins that still occupied the burnt ruins of the city. When Gursto felt they had finished obliterating the city he ordered his armies to move east to the city of Laoprod. Nieda was heading that direction, according the intelligence gathered by torturing any Gangin that was found, man, woman and child, Gusto did not care about age or gender, though as was customary he gave reprieve to the pregnant.

The road to Laoprod took the army a month, but only to make sure that they were safe and not attacked by any Gangin force that might try to stike, none came however. Every night Haradin and Vespira would attack each other, trying desperately to create a new being where there had once been the Gangin child, Cartica, though they tried so hard it was for naught, because Vespira did not get pregnant. Though they both never gave up hope that soon they would have a child of their own that thought kept them going.

The month crept by slowly until they finally arrived at the bridge crossing just north of the city. They waited until night fell, in groups they crossed and set themselves up just beyond the city limits to be sure that no one escaped. Gusto had decided, this city would be taken by siege, but short sightedness plagued them, no catapults had been brought, a consequence of Gusto’s hunger to capture the land before Degan had a chance to move an army by boat in to Gangula.

Each day they would shoot volley after volley of arrows into the city, the craftsman that were required to come on campaign would go out and cut down trees every morning from the nearby forest to make new arrows, to replenish those that had been fire on the previous day, the master craftsmen of the Hurculian army could make more than enough arrows to replenish the stores if they ever got too low.

Five months passed, nearly a year had passed since Domrik died. Gusto grew impatient at the length of time required to take the city. He called together his Yoontangsters, the generals and commanders of his forces, and there were only three.

“The siege is taking too long,” Gusto insisted, “prepare your armies to attack tomorrow, we need to move on, who knows how much land Degan has captured if he has even come to Gangula yet.”

“Sir,” one of the men said.

“Yes Paiko,” Gusto said annoyed, “what do you want, you are annoying you know that, why did I make you a Yoontangster? I should kill you. I think I will kill you, hold still while I draw my sword.”

“Before you do so sir,” he began fearlessly, “I feel I should tell you the condition of your troops, the information I have could be vital to winning this city and any other city in the future in the name of the great country of Hurculus.”

Gusto stoped and thought for a second, he might have to listen to Paiko and even if he was right he could still kill Paiko at any time he wished. Gusto sat back down and looked at Paiko, “fine I will hear you,” Gusto said, his hand on the handle of his captured iron sword, “what is the condition of the man?”

“Not good sir, they have been sitting around for several mon--”

Gusto removed his sword from Paiko’s stomach, “do you two have a problem with the condition of the troops too, I will gladly send you to see Paiko again, you could even say hi to Kangi,” though they put Paiko up to telling about the troop condition, they said they would be ready to go by tomorrow, “guard go and find Mekosha.”

“Yes sir,” the man ran out of the tent.

“How would you like the attack on the city to work sir,” Klint asked.

“Well I was thinking we take our armies that are currently surrounding the city and move them into the city to kill anything that breaths,” Gusto said, clearly he had become, unhappy, snapping at everyone and even killing his most capable of underlings. The siege had taken its toll on him.

The Guard reentered the tent, followed by Mekosha and his second wife Delna, this was not Vespira’s mother, but they treated each other like mother and daughter weather her actual mother was near or not.

Gusto looked over and saw who Mekosha had brought and he flew into a rage, “Mekosha order that thing away, we are talking military strategy here not how to get pregnant or taking care of children, send it away now,” he brought out his sword again, which was still stained with the blood of Paiko.

Mekosha looked at the sword and saw Paiko still squirming a little on the ground, “women leave,” she looked at him and the nearly dead body on the ground then dashed out of the door, “I’m very sorry sir, I was not aware,” he saluted in the Hurculian way then looked over the papers on the table, “what is it you needed my help with though, sir?”

“I’ll tell you Mekosha,” and evil smile came across his face, “I’ve killed Paiko, this means I need someone to command third army, I have been watching you and your work on the battle field, and I have decided you should have the job, so I am officially promoting you to Yoontangst of third army. Much better than the cavalry division is it not Mekosha,” he asked, the evil smile still on his face.

Mekosha was in shock and was not sure what to say, after the other Yoontangters congratulated him he finally found some words of his own, “thank you sir, I will fight for Hurculus until the end of my life, and thank you Klint and Auvore, I will try my best to live up to your expectations.”

“You will do just fine Mekosha,” Gusto said he looked over his maps some more, and shuffled some other papers around.
“What are my orders sir,” Mekosha asked.

“Dammit we have been through this tomorrow we are going to--” he paused and thought for a second, “no, wait I have not told you what is going to happen, I only told those two and the dead one didn’t I? We are going to take the city over there tomorrow and end this silly siege, of which we are not doing any more.”

Mekosha chuckled a little, “I don’t think that is going to go over to well sir.”

Gusto slammed his hands down onto his desk and stood up. The other two Yoontangster backed up and prepared themselves for another of their very good friends was about to die, “what do you mean Mekosha? My men can take any settle meant this side of Borius and beyond, care to say anything?”

“The men aren’t ready for a fight,” he responded, “they are fat lazy and they have lost their drive to kill, the arrows haven’t rained down on the city in months, it is just not good sir, you need to get the people motivated before they will fight effectively again.”

“Really,” Gusto asked, he walked over toward Mekosha, Klint and Auvore took another step back, not wanting to be in the splatter zone for blood or whatever else would come out, “let’s motivate them together Mekosha, we will soon take the city, I will postpone the capturing until you deem them to be ready, but I expect results, and will kill you if I get none.”

“Wait, what,” Auvore asked, “when Paiko tried to tell you that you stabbed and killed him, why should Mekosha be any different sir,” Mekosha gave him a look as if to say ‘really you would wish me dead.’

“That’s a stupid thought,” Paiko said, blood streaming out of his mouth as he struggled to look up at the group of men, “don’t say stupid things like that Auvore, and don’t get Mekosha killed, like the two of you did to me.”

Everyone in the room jumped back, as they were not expecting Paiko to say anything after assuming that he had already left for the land of Kangi and the great mix it’s self. Gusto took out his sword, still bloody fromstabbing Paiko earlier, he looked Paiko in the eyes, “I’m sorry Paiko, I should have listened to you, I will therefore be merciful and kill you so you feel no more pain I wish you much luck in Kangi and the great mix,” he held his sword over Paiko’s head after a second or two he let go, while still looking at Paiko he said “so get the troops ready Mekosha, good luck,” Gusto went back to his table and papers. Not looking up he said, “oh guard clean my sword and take out the body, thank you, don’t give him the last rights, he did not deserve them.”

“Sir I must warn, Grism will not be pleased you did not give him the last rights of the warrior,” Klint said warningly.

Gusto looked up from his papers, “I am greater than Grism and all the other gods combined; let them try to beat me,” He went back to his papers and ignore the warnings of Klint, “guard, the sword and body, I want it done now.”

The guard did as he was told and took the sword and body from the tent. Mekosha and the other discussed strategy for a while longer, the guard came back in with Gusto’s sword, he placed it on the table and left. When Mekosha and the others left there was a mound next to the tent with a little sign, it said, ‘Here lies Paiko Roteso/Greatest of the Yoontensgters of the Gusto-Gangin Wars/Fought 1914- ’.

Mekosha stopped to read it before he made his way back to his own tent, “Guard, make a note to come back here when the war is over so we can at least finish that sign post for Paiko.”

“Yes sir, Mekosha Yoontenster commander of the third army of Gusto, King and ruler of Hurculus,” the guard declared.

“I think you may have far too much time on your hands noble guard,” Mekosha replaied, “keep up the good work though, good luck defending against Grism,” Mekosha said jokingly, he and the guard shared a quick chuckled, then he began to walk away.

“Yes sir, thank you sir, the gods will parish by my hand,” the guard said and they laughed again.

When Mekosha arrived at his tent the sun began to set and Delna was still awake, waiting for Mekosha to return. When he did she jumped up and gave him a big hug and kiss like they had been away for a great long while, though it had been less than two hours.

“I was worried for you Mekosha,” she cried, “I kept thinking of that man’s body lying on the ground, and when it took so long for you to return I thought for sure that your spirit had joined his in the great mix.”

“I shall not go to the great mix, for quite some time, and even so being killed by another human lessens the time I would have to spend there, which means I would come back sooner,” he told her, she began to laugh and smile again.

“I know how it works, I am a temple priest Mekosha, don’t you remember,” she asked.

“I know but I usually have to explain everything about the mix to everyone,” he laughed, “I have just become used to it.”

The next morning Mekosha and Haradin walked around the defensive area around the city, the laziness appalled them both, but Mekosha had devised a way to get them into shape again, he would make them dig a large ring around the city, ten feet deep and twenty feet thick, then they would fill it back up to put the discipline back into them. The Archers were exempt from such work, as long as they killed an enemy soldier each day, if they hadn’t by hour fourteen, they were sent to the trenches for a day and made to dig, and those that did kill one, refused to stop firing fearing that they might be sent to the trenches to dig if they tried to relax. Those that refused were beaten and tied up for the whole day, by order of Gusto himself. They began to beg for the land of Kangi and the great mix. After the first week, no one was beat, because no one refused to work, and digging began and went on smoothly from then on. After one and a half more weeks the ring was dug to Mekosha’s specifications. When the men learned that they would be filling the ring back in too, grumbling of over throwing Mekosha began to spread but quickly withered. After filling the ring in, everyone assumed they were finished, but Mekosha ordered the ring be dug again. People drew their swords and prepared to kill Mekosha but this is what he was looking for, blood thirsty men, and a weakened city. Mekosha stood on a rock in the middle of camp and looked at everyone in the crowd all had swords drawn and ready for action. A lust for blood was evident they did not care what but they wanted to kill and Mekosha was there and had made them work hard.

“Soldiers of Hurculus,” Mekosha began, “I am not sorry that you had to work, you were all lazy slobs, unbefitting a great nation such as Hurculus, but I ask you, taking this out on me, what does it get you?”

Everyone looked at each other, unsure of what the answer would be. They looked back at Mekosha, who began to speak again.

“Nothing that is what,” he said shortly, “now you see that city behind you, taking your aggression out on it will gain us another city and less time in the terrible country, what do you say men?”

They didn’t look at each other. They just turned their weapons around and invaded the city. The gates could not keep them out, the half starved and weaken army inside was completely decimated.

While the men searched and searched for hours, there was no sign of Nidea or anyone in her company of people who escaped Geldis Galhem.

A man came screaming and running out of one of the houses, all of the Hurculians in the area ran after him, wanting him dead. After capturing him, one man held him down while another cut his head off. Later that Night they had a party to celebrate the capture of the city.

“A great performance men,” Gusto toasted, he sat down and began to eat his food. Auvore stood up.

“Sir,” he began, “the men have the head of a whiling man that they killed and they wanted to present it to you as a gift.”

The crowd clapped and the head was brought out. Gutso smiled and looked down ‘how nice of them’ he thought to himself, but when he saw the head his smile turned into a frown.

“Who killed this man,” he said in disbelief.

“Thafjor and Danzik,” Auvore announced, the men stood up from their tables, thinking that the man was some sort of high ranking official.

“Do you realize what you two have done,” Gusto yelled, “you idiots killed Prince Phaomir of Oritus, Degan, if he has not yet dead, will declare war on us, this is ok alright then, you two go back to Geldis Galhem and find out if they have arrived in Gangula and if they have gone anywhere or done anything, then you will go to the Oritans and you will tell Degan or Fiira, depending on which is running things in that crazy country, that you two killed Phaomir, leave now,” the two men sat back dow to enjoy the party before they had to leave on the quest that had been assigned, “right now,” Degan yelled.

The two men did as they were told and left north ward to cross the bridge, then west to Geldis Galhem, not happy of the prospect of having to tell the Oritans that they have killed the person they came to save.

Haradin and the Hurculian forces continued to chase after Nieda. She ran to Olsgalm, the city was captured and burned completely to the ground. She ran back to what was left of Laoprod, the Hurculians razed it again for good measure. They spent two months chasing her like this before she finally decided to go back to Geldis Galhem, more men joined her ranks after seeing the brutally of the Hurculian army.

While the two men made the trip to Geldis Galhem in two weeks after they were dispatched. Gangin people were camped outside Geldis Galhem while they rebuild the burnt out ruins. Charitable people had come from Bezleip and other surrounding areas, to help rebuild from them the men learned of their plan to attack all of the south territories and they left immediately for the former capital of Gangule, people said they were staying there to rest for a while.

The journey south to the old Capital was not difficult as it was mostly flat with a few trees here and there and a river called Marosa. In three weeks they reached the Oritan forces but were refused in to see the sickly and ageing King, Fiira however was able to them right when they arrived in the city.

“I understand that you have news of my brother Phaomir Ordon,” Fiira said directly.

“Yes we do ma’am,” Thafjord said.

“Well don’t just sit there with your heads up your asses tell me where my brother is,” she demanded.

“This is what happened princess Fiira,” Danzik said nervously, “Nieda had taken him hostage and she took him wherever she was, as you might have--”

“Yeah I could have guessed that, though my father was convinced that she stowed him down here somewhere, he is getting too old for command, but we have very nicely captured most of the south territories.”

“Oh how great for you guys, we spent half a year siegeing a city in the east, anyway now she was in a tight spot in that very city by the way and had nowhere to run,” Danzik paused, “and she sent your brother out as a distraction so we wouldn’t notice her slipping away, so we captured him and--”

A smile quickly came over her face, “then the Hurculians have Phaomir,” she asked excitedly.

“Well kind of,” Thafjord said, “we have his body, but Phaomir Ordon is dead.”

She quickly went from a smile to a frown and drew her sword, “she killed Phaomir?”

“No we did, me and him, cut his head clean off,” Thafjord replied, Danzik stared at Thafjord, his mouth and eyes opened wide.

“Why would you say that,” Danzik asked, “she thought Nieda did it, why wouldn’t you just let he believe Nieda killed him, you are an idiot why didn’t me and a smart person kill Phaomir, oh because a smart person doesn’t kill Royalty of another nation.”
“Well, Gusto ordered us to tell Fiira or Degan that we --”

“What did that barbarian say,” Degan asked as he walked in, he walked over and sat down next to Fiira, “hello Fiira now, what do you gentlemen want? My guards tell me that you came by from Hurculian ranks to tell me some information of Phaomir.”
“Don’t you say a word,” Fiira told the men.

“Non-sense, Fiira,” Degan said, “these young people have come all this way to tell me something the Barbarian said and they have news of our dear phaomir, let them talk, you have to learn to let others talk if you wish to be leader Fiira.”

“Yes father,” she agreed, “fine you two tell him what you have to say.”

“We killed your son Phaomir,” Thafjord said quickly.

Degan looked at Thafjord for a while, and then at Danzik for confirmation, he nodded. Degan grabbed his chest and began to breathe hard until he could no longer catch his breath at all and fell over. Degan Ordon King of Oritus died at age seventy-six after hearing his son was killed by Hurculian soldiers. Fiira went to his side, but could do nothing, he was already gone, and tears began to stream down her face.

She turned quickly the two men sat there and looked at her blankly. “You two killed my brother and now you killed my father, what problem do you have with Oritus, what in the name of Kangi did we ever do to you?” She leaped over the table and grabbed Thafjord by the hair and cut his head off, Danzik jumped up and backed away, knowing that if he tried to run the soldiers outside would quickly cut him down.

“Please don’t kill me he is the one that killed your brother, I just held him down, and he killed your father by telling him about your brother,” Danzik begged, “please don’t kill me I beg you.”

“I’ve declared war on Hurculus by killing this idiot, now you are my enemy, that means I must kill you too, and after I will march to Geldis Galhem and capture it from your inferior kind,” she yelled.

“I’m sorry, please don’t ki--”

Her blade penetrated his skin and came out of his back. After stabbing him a few more times just for fun and good measure she burned her father in the last rights of the warrior, she did the same for the Danzik and Thafjord, if she hadn’t she would have been deemed a bad leader and the might be punished by Grism. After it was over, she moved her armies north to Geldis Galhem and readied for battle with the few Hurculians left for defense.

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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
PostSubject: Re: A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin   A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin EmptyMon Nov 23, 2009 10:39 pm

ok here we go chapter 5!!!!

Chapter Six

The Way You Try to Destroy Me Again

The people of Gangula slowly began to rebuild section after section of Geldis Galhem, starting with the north eastern sections. Seven months ago when the Hurculians razed it to the ground they left a small garrison force, just as the Oritus had done with the city of Bezleip. The locals did not mind the small five-hundred man group as long as they left them alone, and they always did, but being from north Hurculus where people always offered to help other people, it was only natural that they would offer to help rebuild the city they had a hand in destroying. Nevertheless the Gangins were happy to have the help. Most people were too afraid of marching armies to even leave their houses, even most close by towns and small cities would not send people, though some did send aid it was not the norm.

While working on a section near the east gate one of the Gangin villager boys saw dust being kicked up beyond the walls. He came running up and whispered to an older man in the group of helpers. He quickly ran to Fifegunter Sal iAden to warn him of the fast approaching group of people that his son had just told him about. Mostly though, the man was worried about all the work they had done on the city and did not want it to all be for nothing.

“A quickly moving group of people are approaching the East Gate,” Sal iAden asked, “and you believe it is an army, nothing to worry about it is most likely Gusto or a detachment of the Hurculian army, if it is an army at all, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Let’s get back to work now ok? This city won’t rebuild its self,” he scoffed and went back to work laying bricks for a house.

“But what if it is the Oritans Sal, what then,” the Gangin man asked, “we could be in danger, I heard a rumor that the Oritans have ki--”

“Rikard please, even if it was the Oritans we are not at war with them and if they enter the city we have the flag of Hurculus flying above the walls so unless they wish to make war with Hurculus they won’t kill any of you Gangins,” he said while beginning another layer of bricks, “you are technically Hurculians now after all, attacking with the knowledge that the weight of the Hurculian army is a mistake for only a woman to make, and Degan is no woman,” the Gangin man scowled at what he considered to be an ignorant statement.

“Well ok then but what if the rum--”

Sal stood up and slammed the brick in his hand on the ground, “now listen there is nothing to fear from those advancing troops, and even by the slim chance they are a threat my men and I will take care of it, now can we please get back to working on Geldis Galhem, that is of course if you are done crying about imagined threats, so tell me Rikard, are you done yet?”

“Yes,” Rikard said sourly. They returned to their work stations when not three minutes later screaming and cries for help poured out from the area near the East Gate, Rikard stared at Sal who quickly gathered his men. When the men were fully armed, with shield, sword and spear Sal marched them in the direction of the East Gate, a straight shot from now, thanks to the new city plan the Hurculians had implemented in the reconstruction of the new Geldis Galhem.

When they arrived at the gate and saw the commotion that had been going on. Sal had already convinced his men that the main Hurculian fighting force was just killing random Gangins just for the fun of it, the men they laid eyes on were clearly not of Hurculus and they knew that what Sal had said was not accurate. The soldiers wore the colors of Gangula. The Gangins had mustered an army, albeit small but these men defended a land they grew up in and knew well. Sal saw with his own eyes, the commander of the army, it was none other than Nieda herself.

The few Hurculians marched into battle with the then thousand Gangins, though they knew this was suicide the orders of their king were clear, ‘hold this heap of smoldering ash,’ he told Sal as he rode out of the city, but it was no longer so, the city was becoming beautiful again, and the Hurculians counted it as homeland now.

Nieda came to the front of her army and watched the small band of Hurculians advance. The Gangin lines grew silent to observe what was happening.

“Men of Hurculus, surrender,” she called out, “you will only be subjected to customary decimation and I will guarantee you one of your comrade’s lives, disagree and you will all die, make your choices, I shall stay here and wait for five minutes.”

“Princess of Gangula, I--”


“Queen,” Sal began again, his men still inching toward the Gangin lines, “I have made the decision for my men before you entered Geldis Galhem and even before I was told you were coming to our city, for you see our King demands we fight to keep this city, so we will gladly lay down our lives, no matter how many of us die we will inflict losses on you and all your army, now prepare yourself Queen of Gangula, the might of five hundred Hurculus marches on you! Prepare yourself for the domain of Kangi.”

“I admire your courage sadly I will have to crush you and your men,” Nieda retorted, “enjoy the domain of Kangi in my stead.”
The Hurculians were quickly surrounded and slaughtered, all except Fifegunter Sal iAden who was captured and tortured for information gathering.

Three days after Nieda took back the city Gusto and the Hurculian army approached Geldis Galhem. They spied the flag of Gangula flying above the city walls, where the flag of Hurculus should be flying. Gusto became enraged that such an unfunny joke would be played during a period of war.

“Klint,” Gusto yelled, “get in there, pull that flag down and burn it, then punish the garrison. I will head for the palace. We will camp here for the night men.”

“Yes sir, it will be done,” Klint replied. He took his men and entered the city but after a minute they began running out of Geldis Galhem. Gusto began to rage, thinking that the men were going along with the joke, until a figure had appeared next to the flag and called out.

“Gusto, King of the backward nation to my north,” the person began, “I, Nieda Queen of Gangula, will take all my peoples land back from you in this war that you yourself started when you invaded through Borius,” she paused, “as you can see I have started here, at Geldis Galhem, my capital city.”

“Nieda, b*tch of Gangula, I will kill you,” Gusto replied, “and then I will kill more Gangins and capture the rest of these lands.”

“Arrogant, are you not,” Nieda asked she motioned to some men on a platform below her to come up, “now to show you how serious I am, I saved your Fifegunter, Sal. Now I will unsave him. I am going to toss him off the walls of the city, say goodbye if you wish.”

“You will do no such thing to a man. You are nothing more than a woma--”

Nieda motioned and Sal was thrown from the high walls of the fortress, Gusto watched as Sal fell to the ground screaming. He was horrified.

“You have gone too far this time I could deal with the killing of Domrik, and the killing of that insufferable priest, yes I could even take the attempt on my sons life but, Nieda, I will make you pay for the transgressions you have committed before my eyes,” Nieda jumped down, smoke rising to the south caught Gusto’s eye, “good the Oritans have made it, they can help us take the city, Klint take your men, meet the Oritans and go through the north gate, the rest of you are with me, we will be attacking through the west gate, move out men,” they did as he said and moved in their different directions.

Klint and his men rode to assist the Oritans with the North Gate, stopping perpendicular to the gate and the Oritan forces. There he waited until those he thought would soon be his comrades in arms reached him so they could take down Nieda and the other Gangins. When the Oritan force meet the Hurculian force, many Hurculians fell, but Klink quickly realized what was happening and ordered a counter attack. The Oritans did not stay and fight though, they were directed by their commander to attack the main Hurculian force and ride on from their current position. Klint directed his men to get into rank before fallowing, but the shocked men could barely find up let alone fall into ranks and so the Oritans rode off to meet the main Hurculian force.

Gusto heard the screams behind him, however he assumed his men and the Oritans were assaulting the North Gate so he rode on to the East Gate. Before his men reached the gate the Oritans reached them, hitting Haradin’s group hard nearly killing Haradin himself. Though he saved himself by taking up sword and killing any Oritan he came across, even when his horse was killed right under him Haradin jumped up and continued to hack and slash his way through the Oritans. Mekosha looked back to see what the screaming and yelling was about and he saw Haradin and the other Hurculians fighting the Oritans, he informed Gusto who quickly turned his men around, he took the lead in the attack on the Oritans that were attacking the Hurculians. An hour of fighting and blood stained the ground, the Oritans routed with much less Hurculians dead than should have come from such a surprise attack. Mekosha rode to Haradin to give him a new horse, being that his was killed in battle.

“Haradin, here is a new horse,” Mekosha said while handing the reins to Haradin, “it’s master was just killed so anyway, are you alright, I mean can you still fight, your father is counting on you to kill quite a few Gangins you know.”

“Where is my father Mekosha,” Haradin asked. They looked around but did not see him. The men called out Gusto for a half hour but no there was response, they did not give up.

“Prince Haradin,” a Hurculian said, “your father lies here, he is dead I am afraid sir.”

Haradin jumped off his new horse and dashed to his father’s side. Gusto really was dead blood still trickling out of his mouth and out of the sword wound in his chest. Haradin did not cry, instead he pursued the Oritans. Klint saw the Oritans returning from the sound beating they had received from the main Hurculian army. The Oritan commander tried to skirt around Klint, but Klint out maneuvered him and engaged them, adding to the Oritan losses. Most of the Oritans escaped but Klint was able to capture three hundred. Shortly after their capture Haradin arrived with the rest of the Hurculians force.

“Prince Haradin,” Klint said gratefully, “I have captured some prisoners, I must confer with you father to see what we should do with them, where is he?”

“If you want to talk to my father you will have to enter the domain of Kangi, I could easily send you there if you wish, though you are a good Yoontangster and I wish not to lose you.”

“I see,” Klint said sadly, “to the land of Kangi? How unfortunate, what shall I do with your then prisoners Haradin King of Hurculus?”

“Kill every last one of them,” Haradin proclaimed, “consider it you apology for killing my father,” he said the disarmed and cowering Gangins, “do it.”

“Sir, if I may,” Mekosha interrupted.

“Yes Mekosha.”

“You must do things according to Alzian tradition, you are king now, you must act accordingly sir, now, what you must do is kill half of them and save the others for slave labor.”

“Very well,” Haradin said. He jumped off his mount and began sorting them in to two groups, the ones he would kill and the ones who would be saved for the time being. When the sorting was complete Haradin began killing the Oritans that sat on the ground to his left. After he, and the Hurculians that joined in, killed the one hundred-fifty, he turned to the rest, “congratulations slaves, for your first and last orders as slaves you will be human shields. Since this will be for the rest of your lives, which I will personally make sure is short, you may say goodbye to each other now.”

“Nicely handled sir,” Mekosha retorted.

“You can’t treat us like this,” one Oritan shouted out, “we were only fallowing orders when we attacked your people. Please Haradin don’t be marked as a cruel man let us make your camps for the rest of your campaigns in these lands.”

Haradin stopped and turned to the group, “you may have just been fallowing orders but I cannot allow this travesty to endure, you Oritans are my slaves now anyway, I can do with you as I please, even if that means putting you in harm’s way, which you will be in from here on out, so I suggest you all do as I said and prepare yourselves for the end, fear not, the last rights of the warrior will be given to all of you, and hey if any of you do survive I will let you help make the camps for the rest of the campaigns, where ever they make take us.”

Haradin ordered a march on Geldis Galhem. The Oritans marched out in front. The arrows rained from the city walls as the men advanced to the North Gate. The arrows fell on the Oritans first and one by one they fell, as did some Hurculians, but the shield was effective, but left no Oritan alive. The North Gate was breached quickly. The forces of Nieda could not hold and so fell back to houses that had been rebuilt.

Haradin’s army pursued, but quickly found that they would not fight man to man. Instead they fought in squads and defended houses. This new and modern urban theater of warfare was not well suited to Haradin’s large army. Though the Gangin fighters were not as skilled as their Hurculian counter parts, them being made of out of practice militia and quickly drafted and untrained peasants, they still managed to make trouble for Haradin. Houses where quickly taken and territory began to fall under Haradin’s control, once they figured out how to fight house to house.

The days of house to house fighting took its toll on all three armies on the fifth day after taking the former grand capital of Gangula back, Nieda ordered a withdrew to the Western Gate many of her men ignored the order and continued to harass both the Hurculian and Oritan armies.

The next morning Haradin and Fiira moved both their armies into the opens of the ruins of the western city, the second battle of Geldis Galhem would finally have its proper conclusion in open man to man combat.

“Haradin,” Mekosha said, “if you would like me to command so you may see how it is done I would be happy to.”

“I can handle this dear friend,” Haradin drew his sword and put it to Mekosha’s neck, “doubt my abilities again and I will have your head feed to the miners in the Barrang range.”

“Haradin my love,” Vespira exclaimed while running to stay Haradin’s blade, “please do not kill my father, I’m sure he meant no disrespect of any sort, is that right father?”

“Yes it is,” Mekosha cowered, “I am just trying to help you Haradin, now please, if you would, could you remove your sword from my neck, I hope there be no accident while you hold that to me.”

“Fine,” Haradin said, “I shall let it go this one time, but be weary Mekosha for next time you may not be so lucky and survive, even if your lovely daughter and my wife does champion for your safety.”

Haradin rode to the field of battle, Fiira’s men stood and waited while the Hurculians prepared themselves by forming up into ranks and so on. His men had faith in their new leader, even though he had yet to be crowned their king. Haradin stood in the front and jumped up onto his mount, he looked back at his men and gave a courageous, for them to feed off of.

“ATTACK,” Haradin finally yelled. The men unsheathed their weapons; the bowman began firing at the Oritan lines; the mounted men rode forward, Haradin leading the charge until the enemy line were reached, they crashed into the Oritan lines and retreated only to come forward again, hitting the lines again and again. The foot soldiers ran forward as the mounted men quickly retreated and crashed against a different part of the enemy lines, all the while the archers fired volley after volley. Losses for Fiira’s army were great as were those of Haradin’s, but finally the Oritans broke and ran for the West and South Gates. Haradin ordered his men not to pursue. The Gangin warriors that were still in the city and he needed all the men he could get.

That night, on the steps of the palace, Haradin Hurcule was crowned king of all lands that Hurculus controlled, including those that were formerly lands of Gangula. After the crowning Gangin archers fired trying to kill the newly crowned king but they were quickly silenced after the house by house raids. For the night Haradin sat, relaxed and enjoyed the festivities, after the celebration he went up to the palace. Vespira was already waiting for him, she had slipped out after the crowning ceremony so she could prepare to take full advantage of the beds and the little time of peace which they could steal from the environment they had inherited from the man that died just a week ago.

“Radin wake up,” Haradin hear in the haze of being half asleep, he felt something hit him, “Haradin get up, quickly, Haradin,” Vespira exclaimed. Haradin opened his eyes and saw blurry Nieda standing that the end of the bed, he blinked and got a clear picture of the evil that stood before him, on the ground he spied his guard’s bodies laying on the ground by the door, they were dead.

“Yes Haradin get up, get up save me, save me,” Nieda laughed and smiled evilly, “come Haradin you have been captured by your enemy, and according to the code of the warrior and Alzian tradition you need to have something removed from your body, now tell me what was it again, I can’t remember.”

“I have been captured by no one, not yet,” Haradin said, he grabbed his sheath that was leaning against the bed; he grabbed for the hilt but only clawed at the air, he looked and slammed the sheath on the ground and glared at Nieda, “give me my sword if you have any honor left for the line of your father Nieda.”

Nieda began to laugh, “care? For the line of my father? The man who would give away his only child away to save himself? And besides that Haradin, do you not remember me killing him,” Nieda asked, “though it was almost two years ago, I can expect a Hurculian to remember things longer than that, can’t I? or are you just a little slow?”

The door opened, the three looked at it quickly, “Lady Nieda we bring swords stained with the blood of Hurculian guards.”

“Good,” Nieda said shortly, “grab him and hold him down, whilst I castrate him please.”

“Yes my lady.” The guards walked to the bed and grabbed Haradin out of the bed and threw him on the floor, one kept his legs still, the other kept his shoulders down. Nieda walked over and smiled at Vespira, “sorry hun, the Hurcule line ends with him, that is only a loss to you, I am doing the world a favor in this act you know.”

Vespira took the knife from under Haradin’s pillow and lunged at the Gangin guards, she stabbed one in the back of the neck, the other went to grab her but Haradin grabbed hold of his legs making him fall to the ground, Vespira took her opening and slue him, before Nieda knew what was happening the men were dead. Haradin got up and dusted himself off then took the knife from Vespira. He wiped the blood off and looked at Nieda who was scowling at the both of them.

“Fine, I shall deal with you later Haradin, and next time I will kill her first so you can watch, you would enjoy seeing a lesser being die, would you not Haradin?” With that she dashed from the room. Haradin ran to the door and peered outside, she was gone. Minutes later new guards arrived to find the bloody mess inside the room, and the King holding the Queen who was crying and still scared from the event.

“You lazy bums,” Haradin scolded, “Nieda was here, she nearly killed me and Vespira, I want every last Gangin warrior in the city killed, go now,” Haradin shouted, “and if you find Nieda bring her to me, alive if possible, kill her only if you must.”

Over the next few days the city was cleared of Gangin resistance. Haradin ordered his army to rest in the city for a month and the pause in the war was celebrated at Geldis Galhem. While the men celebrated in the streets, Haradin sent scouts to see where Nieda and Fiira had gone, and so he could plan his next moves accordingly.

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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
PostSubject: Re: A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin   A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 4:17 pm

I've made the prolouge a chapter so the last chapter was chapter 5 is now chapter 6

Chapter Seven

Am I Willing to Compromise the Man I Want to Be?

The scouts came back two weeks into the month long rest at Geldis Galhem. They came back with more than information on enemy movement, but with messages composed by the enemies themselves. They were captured and turned loose with no harm coming to either group. Both the messages stated that both Fiira and Nieda wanted to talk peace in the town of Oslothia which is south of Geldis Galhem. Haradin sent the scouts out telling the two that the war would be put on hold for the short time, while peace was attempted. Haradin did not want a part in this war from the beginning, now that he was king, perhaps he could put a stop to the deaths of the people of Hurculus and all of Alzio.

“Haradin,” Mekosha called out, “when would you like your troops to attack and kill the enemy leaders?”

“That will not be necessary Mekosha,” Haradin said back, “we are going to reach an agreement using peaceful methods,” Haradin stopped and looked at Mekosha, “I am going to make this world peaceful for my children to grow up in.”

“You have to get my daughter pregnant first Haradin,” Mekosha laughed, Haradin looked at him and Mekosha understood, he paused, “then a member of my line will sit on the thrown of Hurculus one day?”


“Oh right, yes,” Mekosha said, “congratulations Haradin, I am so happy for you and my daughter, I am very happy. So is that a no on the attack? Yes of course, we will leave you to talk your peace with the Gangins and the Oritans.”

“If you attack the peace talks I will personally take off your head Mekosha,” Haradin said, “now I must attend to the rebuilding of Geldis Galhem if you don’t mind.”

“Right sir.”

“In fact Mekosha,” Haradin said, “you will come in with me during the peace talks, it is not that I don’t trust you but, I could use some help during this whole thing and I want that person to be you.”

“Thank you sir,” Mekosha said, “I will get a few of our best men to act as body guards while we are down there.”

“That sounds good,” Haradin replied, “I will tell you when we leave when the massagers get back, have the men read as soon as you can.”

Haradin focused back on his work remembering the laziness he had seen at the siege of Laoprod decided that the army needed something to while the peace talks were happening, so a week after receiving the first message he had the army working on the reconstruction of Geldis Galhem.

Another week past and the massagers returned stating the meeting would take place in one month at the agreed upon location. Haradin sent out the scouts south to Oslothia the see how long it would take to get there, in one week the scouts walked from Geldis Galhem to Oslothia and back. Haradin was happy at the prospect of peace for his people, even if he had to give up the Geldis Galhem he had rebuilt. The Palace especially, which he called the palace of Hurcules, he even had this etched in the stone on the columns of the massive structure. In the city its self laid the Mekosha market, Paiko commons, Vespira Gate, which took place of the North Gate, and several other names that honored the Hurculian conquerors and more important, the Hurculian dead.

The buildings and streets of the city were straightened and made more easily traversable. The commons areas were placed closer to markets of which more were built, several stages were built where reenactments of the battles of the gods were acted out as well as past wars and important events in Alzian history, such as the birth of a great king. Pregnant women would actually give birth on these stages and a man would come and name the baby according to whomever they were honoring at the time.

The Uktik plain, which Geldis Galhem sat on, had been lived on for thousands of years. It was finally settled on and claimed by the Uktik Kingdom. The Uktik people were one of the original thirty-two kingdoms of Alzio. They were absorbed by the Lorians, and the Lorians soon after by the Lothans. When the King of Gangula at the time, Tavia, marched his armies in he discovered a tired and unfit army which accounts of his own making were ‘crushed easily’, taking most of the southern half of Alzio. His son Tenchavoy continued by taking out the Lothans with the capture of Bezleip. His son, Barrang, captured the range which he named, from the Geruder who were not considered one of the thirty two kingdoms but were around at the time. His son Yolosh went further with the capturing and naming of the Hophna forest.

Hophna was Yolosh’s favorite god, he always gave her honor and homage, which makes it all the more ironic that he was killed defending those woods from the Torks, who held a small slit of land between the forest and Kilimash range. The Hurculians saved the rest of the Gangin army when they attacked from behind and lost a significant portion of their army doing so, but it allowed them to take all the territories of the Torks.

The plain was finally developed by the Uktik when they built a camp there when the war of the thirty-two kingdoms was still going on. The King decided to build a small fort, which turned into a small town over the years it grew until it was adopted as the North Capital of Gangula by king Zaknik, when the great fire of Gangule ravaged the royal city of the same name, King Akna, Zaknik’s grandson, moved to Geldis Galhem and renamed the city from Holglenum to Aknanum. Akna’s son, Pasuser renamed the city to Geldis Galhem after his two older siblings the male Galhem and the female Gelda, neither rose to the throne because they both died soon after their father moved. Pasuser was Akna’s second son, and of course after Akna died Pasuser took the throne of Gangula. Pasuser bore Aigano who bore Cekar who bore Domrik’s grandfather, Ridderdom, who bore Eldin, who bore Domrik, who bore no sons before his death, because the King of the land to the north castrated him, he died at the hands of his only child, Nieda, who took the throne, she has yet to bare any children.

Haradin and Mekosha along with the body guards left Geldis Galhem to meet with Nieda and Fiira for the peace talks, a guard of one hundred men lead by Gunter Tier Hanzo came along to protect them as well. Tier was a man that Haradin knew. After all they served together before Haradin became king. From breaching the political boundaries of Hurculus and Gangula to just before the capture of the city of Laoprod, they served together and then Gusto shuffled the army after he killed Paiko. Haradin came under Mekosha’s command and Tier came to serve under Yoontangster Auvore.

It was not far to the town of Oslothia from Geldis Galhem. Haradin figure it to be no more than a three days march through slightly hilly terrain and a few small forested areas, according to the reports. No rivers ran nearby but the weather was bearable however the group did get overly parched on the way there. When they did finally reach Oslothia they were very thirsty and drank all they could, while they could.

Soon after Haradin arrived Fiira entered the city with an advisor and ten guards. Nieda entered next, cheers came from all corners of the small settlement. Haradin got no cheers, just boos and taunting, he ignored it and proceeded to the meeting hall. The hall, where the talks would take place, was adorned with few beautifications on the outside and Haradin did not expect too much from the inside. Plain black marble drug from a local quarry, it was ugly to the eyes of Haradin, Mekosha, and the body guards that had come.

When all were seated in the hall of black marble, a man stood, he wore a green robe and a black hat flap hat, his beard long and white. “Men of Hurculus,” he started, his voice curiously carried though the entire room so no one would miss a single thing he said, “Women of Oritus and of course people of my common land, I would like to welcome you all to Oslothia and the peace talks for the war which all of you are currently fighting, I pray to Larderkudin that you come to a conclusion before any more of the children of Alzio are put to death pointlessly.”

“It was my understanding that a cease fire is in effect, have you ladies tricked me,” Haradin asked, “must I send word of Geldis Galhem to prepare for an attack by traitorous women?”

“There is a cease fire kid,” Fiira said to Haradin, “the old man must be miss informed, or not informed at all.”

“Ok that conversation is pointless you two,” Nieda said, “now please let us get this peace hammered out so we can go back to living without fear of the destruction of out nations and people.”

Haradin looked at Nieda. He felt anger for what she had tried to do to him, it was not his fault that Domrik made a deal and he himself was caught in the middle of it, but still it was reason enough to attempt to kill him twice even! As the hours wore on, on the first day Haradin’s hatred of her grew, she had become disgusting for him to look at, ‘if I ever catch her in war time, I will kill her myself,’ he thought to himself. After two days of being lost in thought about his hatred his mind once again came back to the black marble room with the solid block table where he and the others sat and finally he began to listen to the demands of the other leaders.

“…and I’m just telling you this is what Oritus wants Nieda,” Fiira demanded, “an apology from you Nieda and two thousand Hurdenks and Gandenks from each of you or the apology and we keep the city of Bezleip and Hurculus surrenders the Hophna Forest for my brother, Phaomir’s, death, to which I have attributed to both Gangula and Hurculus.”

“It was not me that killed your bother, and I don’t believe it was Haradin,” Nieda counted, “and from my sources I have learned who his killers were, and I know of their fate Fiira, killer of Thafjor and Danzik, and as for the city you are demanding I will give never ever willingly surrender Bezleip, so discount that from any future offer you may bring before me.”

“I was angry at the time,” Fiira said sadly, “I had just learned of my brother’s death and my father just died,” she turned to Haradin and looked him right in the eyes, “I am sorry Haradin, please forgive me,” her voice grew forceful once again, “now, what say you about the surrender of Hophna?”

“Hophna,” Haradin asked, “you think I would surrender Hophna? That will never happen, and there is not that much money in all of Hurculus, Gangula, and Oritus combined! As for your apology, I understand how the death of a parent can make you crazy, so Hurculus forgives you for killing Thafjor and Danzik.”

“Yes, it is true Gangula is not as rich as your demands suggest you think we are, come up with something we can deal with here,” Nieda said angrily.

Haradin looked at Nieda in disbelief, “ok than, what will the b*tch of Gangula have for peace,” Haradin asked snidely.

“There is no need for name calling Haradin,” Nieda cried, “when have I ever treated you badly? Never mind, on second thought I would prefer it if that question was not answered”

“I’m going to tell you anyway, you have been nice to be besides the two times you tried to kill me, once two and a half years ago at our wedding and the other time just two months ago when you snuck into my bedroom and tried to take my testicals off, who knows what you would have done to my wife and me had she not killed both of those guards.”

“Oh I see, I was only in it for your testicals, that’s all I wanted,” Nieda admitted, “I would have left afterwards, I promise.”

“Yeah, I believe that, now what will the b*tch of Gangula have for peace,” Haradin demanded a second time.

“All the land of Gangula that has been captured by you two and your armies, will be returned to me and the people of Gangula,” Nieda said, she stopped, the other looked at her for a while, waiting for her to read off whatever other demands she may have, she began to become uncomfortable, “excuse me but what are you all looking at?”

“We are waiting to hear the rest of your demands,” Fiira replied, “surely that cannot be all you want, perhaps a sacrifice of men or money or something.”

“That is all I want, the land of my people and the people that live on that land, not the blood of you or your people or the your money,” Nieda replied calmly, “you two may have invaded me, but all I have ever wanted was peace and to make my people happy, I don’t get why you decided to attack us, but I will have my land back through negotiations or through force, I will leave which I use up to you.”

“I can deal with that I suppose,” said Fiira, “I would have liked to keep Bezleip but it is not important, my men maybe unhappy with this, but I they might be happier that they no longer have to risk their lives.”

“What about you Haradin,” Nieda asked, “you should not want your sons to fight this war, right?”

“No, I will fight Nieda until my blade meets her flesh and she is no longer alive.”

The room was quiet, not even Mekosha said anything. The room just focused on Haradin.

“What prompted that outburst,” Fiira asked finally.

“She has made my life hell these past two and a half years,” Haradin said, “I saved a Gangin girl for my wife and me, so she shoots her in the head with an arrow. No I do not want to share my planet with her anymore. I am tired of all the things she has done and I will not wait for her to do more things to me or my people,” Haradin stood up and looked Nieda in the eyes, “I am going to end it,” Haradins fists fell to the table gabbing the attention of the room even more “of that you can be assured Nieda.”

“You are as stubborn as an Oritan Haradin,” Nieda replied, “why don’t you go back to the north where the lesser people of Alzio reside!”

“Lesser people of Alzio,” Fiira repeated questioningly, “you will not get my land you b*tch, I will continue this war, no one insults the people of the north, especially not those from the dirty southern regions of Alzio.”

“And you Fiira, there was no need for you to send you troops after my father, of that I can never forgive you of,” Haradin said, “I will not stop the war against either of you.”

“People,” the old man finally interjected, “peace must reign in Alzio once again, please take your leave for now and we can start fresh tomorrow, let us forget today when we return.”

Haradin, Fiira and Nieda agreed that things had become too heated and decided to rest for the night. Seven months passed and nothing was decided, Nieda finally gave up and tried a surprise attack on the black marble building in Oslothia, but Fiira tried the same day as well. The two armies weakened themselves greatly. Haradin and his men barely escaped and did not even attempt to come back to Oslothia. He had had enough of the so called peace talks that brought nothing but bickering, instead the group marched north, back to Geldis Galhem.

Upon the return to Geldis Galhem, Haradin marveled at how far the city had come. No longer was it a burnt pile of rubble but a grand city the likes of which had not been seen since before the old city was destroyed by the Hurculians over three years ago. Haradin went immediately to the palace to prepare an attack on Oslothia. Vespira caught word of the arrival of Haradin and the guard force, she waited and met Haradin on the top steps of the palace, a baby lay in her hands.

“Haradin, welcome back to the new and imporved city of Geldis Galhem,” Vespira said happily, she went in to give him a hug and kiss, she looked at the baby then at Haradin, “I want you to meet your son, Hanudin Erailius Hurcule.”

Haradin was taken aback for a second, but he was forced forward slowly, he out stretched his arms, “Hanudin? My mother was going to name me Hanudin,” Haradin began to cry, “but my father’s protest gave me the name Haradin.”

“I know how much you wanted to be Hanudin,” Vespira smiled “so I named our son that for you, my husband.”

“I love you, Vespira Hurcule,” he pulled her close and gave her a kiss, “now let me hold my son, I want to meet him.”

“Of course,” Vespira handed Hanudin to Haradin, “so now that you are back, I assume we will be going back to Hurculus to raise Hanudin in the peaceful environment of a post war world, when are we to leave?”

“We could not agree on anything,” Haradin responded gravely, “and Nieda and Fiira attacked the city so I am going to plan an attack on Oslothia after I am done playing with my son.”

“What? what happened? Why could an agreement not be made?”

“Everyone just decided they do not like each other and refused to continue our deals in peace. Three days ago Fiira and Nieda sent their troops into the city, their attack was a cowardly move and I will not let it go unchecked!” Haradin began walking to the palace doors.

Vespira turned around, after a few seconds of silence she asked: “what do you mean attacked?”

Haradin turned around to look at his wife, “I mean they had troops that were killing each other, if only one of them had sent troops the men and me would not have made it back, we would most likely be dead right now,” Haradin looked at Hanudin, “and you would be king, Hanudin”

“I see,” Vespira walked over and hugged Haradin, “I’m glad you are safe, I have no clue what I would do without you Haradin Hurcule.”

“I could not live without you, Vespira,” Haradin squeezed tight, for a minute they stood there on the steps of the palace of Hurcules in Geldis Galhem, and they hugged, “now I need to make plans,” Haradin let go and gave Hanudin back to Vespira, he turned around and walked into the palace, while Vespira and Hanudin stood outside on the steps.

“Be safe Haradin, you have a son now,” Vespira whispered as she stared at Hanudin.
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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
PostSubject: Re: A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin   A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin EmptyWed Jan 06, 2010 12:00 am

Chapter Eight

I Want to Spend Another Time With Her

The scouts reported back after two weeks, a little later than Haradin had expected. Their reports said that Nieda had taken Oslothia and Fiira was on the retreat to Gangule. Haradin amassed his armies; he was determined to take Nieda out of this conflict. He called all his commanders to a meeting in the palace.

“Mekosha,” Haradin ordered, “what is the state of the army? I need to know our numbers and the condition of them,” his voice thundered throw the small meeting room and startled all who were invited.

“Your army is not in good shape my king,” Mekosha replied, “it seems we are down to only twelve thousand men and they are battle hardened but they are also battle weary.”

“Twelve thousand,” Haradin asked in shock, “battle weary? We came here with thirty thousand raw recruits, what happened to all my men? I expected some to die but not so many.”

“Well sir,” Mekosha started, “there was that sickness that was going around a year or so back plus all the battles we have fought and lost a substantial amount of men in, oh and of course about one thousand have deserted their positions the cowardly dogs, they deserve not to live in any realm which you or your sons may rule.”

“I see,” Haradin said, “send one thousand men back to Hurculus to gather more able men to resupply our army, Auvore you will go and train them, have them ready within three months and if any able man is unwilling take them by means that will not harm them or their property they are Hurculian after all.”

“I shall do so sir,” Auvore said. He turned to the door and left the room without another word.

“Alright then,” Haradin yelled, “maybe next time wait until the meeting is over,” Haradin looked at the door then around the table at his commanders, “ok good luck and goodbye then, meetings over now,” Haradin looked at the papers in front of him, “the rest of the stuff I had to talk about was with Auvore.”

“Shall I bring him back sir,” Mekosha asked with his hand on his sword, “it will take but a minute to catch Auvore sir.”

“No that will not be necessary, I will forgive him this time, however if he does it again then you can cut him as much as you like Mekosha. Now the rest of you let move out, we have a city to capture.”

With the army he had Haradin marched his forces south in engage the forces of Gangula that were centered at the city where the false peace was attempted, Oslothia. The Gangin forces were a full five thousand by the scout’s estimation and Haradin was bringing eleven thousand. Four days march south and Oslothia was insight and on fire from the battle Fiira and Nieda fought. The Hurculians set up camp only five hundred feet from the city believing they would be paid no mind because the Gangins were rushing water in to try and put out the fires. For the night the Hurculians slept and prepared for the attack they take part in tomorrow.

When Haradin awoke the next morning he heard noise from outside, as he was getting out of bed, Mekosha ripped open the tent, stained in blood, slash marks all over, with his sword drawn, and breathing heavily he fell to the ground. Haradin rush over to him, he was moving his mouth but the sound was barely audible so Haradin leaned in close so he could hear.
“Gangula they attacked,” Mekosha said weakly, “we can’t hold them they are at least twenty thousand sir, we must leave now or all the army and everyone that came along will be killed.”

“I see,” Haradin replied, “Vespira take your father and gather the women and children you will lead them to back Geldis Galhem, wait there and open for no one unless they be Hurculian.”

“Yes my King, I shall do so.”

Haradin walked over and hugged her tight, “be careful and be safe.”

“I will,” Vespira helped her father to his feet she handed him Hanudin, “carry Hanudin while I get the women together.”

Haradin walked to the tent entrance, he looked back at the three, “Vespira, I love you.”

“As I you Haradin, please be safe yourself.”

Haradin nodded then ran out of the tent sword draw ready to fight off the Gangins while the women escaped to the north. Gangin arrows rained down continually killing both friend and foe on both sides because of the dense packing of troops and the small area of battle. Haradin fought his way around the camp gathering as many of his men as he could find killing two hundred Gangins himself at least. Finally when he found all who he could and the women had a good head start he ordered his men to retreat even though some Hurculians lingered in the camp, they could not be helped.

On the way out Haradin watched every direction to make sure no one was trying to get on the flanks, he was so involved with this that he did not see the body that lay in front of him, he tripped over the dead women. Haradin rolled the body over and was horrified; he scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he could to the column of women, the men on mounts could not make haste as Haradin had on foot, though even he could not over take them.

At Geldis Galhem Haradin found Mekosha and Hanudin, Mekosha looked particularly sad. Mekosha looked over at Haradin and began to walk toward him.

“Haradin I have some bad news,” Mekosha said.

Tears began to stream down Haradin’s cheeks, “Mekosha if it is of my wife, I know her fate, please do not mention it again.”

“My poor Vespira,” Mekosha cried, “I know she meant quite a lot to you Haradin and I weep for our loss both personal and on the battle field but we must strike forward and take our anger out on Gangula.”

“Mekosha I just want to spend more time with her,” Haradin said in the coming hours it is said that so many tears came down Haradin’s face they could have filled the Ocean of Miseros. Haradin spent that night with his son he refused all visitors, even the fake reports that Gangins were at the Vesprin Gate, if the reports had been true and due to inaction by King Haradin the city would have fell quickly.

The next morning Haradin walked out and looked at his five thousand men in the streets of the now bustling city that Vespira had helped him rebuild.

“Men,” Haradin began, “the queen is dead, and we cannot win this war sans the gathering of more troops, I’m going back to Hurculus, you will stay here and guard against any and all Gangin attack I leave you with Yoontangster Klint and my hope that I see all of you once we return in a few months. May Bakra keep you healthy and Kangi keep you safe.”

Haradin, Mekosha, and twenty guards left the Vespira gate shortly after. The road north was relatively safe, save the wild animals that lived in the area and could try to attack the group. Such as the Klukchna, a large cat like creature that likes to stalk the hilly country of north Gangula. No enemy troops though, Haradin figured that Nieda would not attempt an attack for fear of being attacked from behind by Fiira and this would buy him valuable time as he went to gather more troops and mounts for the final push.

Soon they finally reached Borius and the twenty two men had stepped on Hurculian soil for the first time in three years. All in the party were happy they finally could see their homeland, eat their favorite dishes prepared with the proper ingredients, and of course drink the purest water in all of Alzio. Auvore was using the very grounds that the first wave of Hurculians had trained at to train the second wave, just outside of Borius. Since the first invasion thirty thousand boys had come of age and where ready and willing to serve in the armies of their king just as in the first wave the women of the men came with them. Though Haradin knew that risk the men were taking with their women, he would not forbid going for so long without knowing the touch, scent, smile, and company of their women.

When Grism’s biggest star began to fall, as it did everyday and the twilight of was upon Alci and the sky, one of the men that was being trained with the second wave was to be wed with his love. A young couple from Cutagrimp, a city near the desert, called Sandcity in the common tongue. Haradin, being king, was obligated to go, even though the thought of a wedding and his own love being taken by Kangi not too long ago made him want to skip it, he went but did not expect anything interesting to come of it.

The ceremony began. The couple walked in front from either side of the solid section crowd, the male from the left and the female from the right. Toward the middle they walked at a slow and deliberate pace. Two pillows lay to where they walked.

“Mekosha,” Haradin whispered, “this looks nothing like the wedding I was going to have with Nieda and Vespira and I didn’t really know what to do when we got married, what is happening?”

“Grism would have never recognized Nieda as your mate had you been married to her in the travesty ceremony your father tried to suffer the people through back then,” Mekosha replied, he took his eyes off the pillows and looked at Haradin, “this is a true and faithful wedding of two peoples of the faith of our grandfathers.”

“Did Grism recognize Vespira and my wedding I wonder?”

“As long as you both said what they are about to say then he will,” Mekosha said as the couple knelt on the pillows he fixed his eyes back to the middle of the stage, “now watch, it begins soon.”

A priest walked up and sat just behind the couple, he looked at both of them, “hands on the ground in front of you,” he said tapping just in front of each pillow with a stick, “male, can I assume that you are the one who made the proposal of the unification of your houses, lives, and the beginning of your own family?”

“Yes sir,” the male said, “it was I that made the proposal."

“Then it is you who will make your affirmation first,” the Priest said.

“I promise to Grism that I am free in will and clear in mind to give this affirmation: I love Tirhea and I wish to be with her while I live and breathe,” he paused and lifted his right hand, “with my right hand I promise to Bakra that I will always keep health within my house and stay by her if unhealthiness should befall her,” another pause and he lifted his left hand, “with my left hand I promise to Kangi that I shall take no other then her unless permission be given to have another, of my body I promise to Miseros, Alci, Hophna, Cotepo, Hodkova, Larderkom, Haula, Arekno, Fradin, and Grospi that I will not stray from my promises until Kangi release me from this body,” he stopped and quickly brought his right hand to his chest then did the same with his left hand after a second he put his hands back on the ground.

The priest looked at him and studied his face after a while he smiled, “very good, Grism is pleased,” he turned to Tirhea, “now you my dear female you will make you affirmation now.”

“I promise to Grism that I am free in will and clear in mind to give this affirmation: I love Cemkish and I wish to be with him while I live and breathe,” she pauses to lift her right hand, “with my right hand I promise to Bakra that I will always keep health within my house and stay by him if unhealthiness should befall him,” another pause and she brought her left hand up, “with my left hand I promise to Kangi that I shall take no other, of my body I promise to Miseros, Alci, Hophna, Cotepo, Hodkova, Larderkom, Haula, Arekno, Fradin, and Grospi that I will not stray from my promises until Kangi release me from this body,” she stopped and quickly brought her right hand to her chest then did the same with her left hand after a second she put her hands back on the ground.

After studying her for a while the priest finally nodded then spoke, “and by the order of the gods and the affirmation they have made to each other, Grism considers them to be one now. You may do with her as you wish good Cemkish.”

The two rose from knelling and hugged each other then kissed and walked away. Everyone in the crowed began clapping and cheering for the two.

Mekosha turned to Haradin, “well, was that like your marriage to my daughter?”

“Grism would consider us one,” Haradin said, tears streaming down his face, “Grism would consider us one so I have lost half of myself,” Haradin ran to the cliffs of the Barrang range which sat very close to the city, there he watched as the star fell further and further in the west, on the small plateau he spent the night. He awoke the next morning it was still dark, he watched as Grism rose in east that morning. Suddenly Haradin felt tired it became harder and harder to keep awake until the sleepiness finally over took him and his head once again lay upon the rock in slumber.

“Haradin,” a voice called.

“Who is that,” Haradin called out, still half asleep upon the rocks of Barrang.
“It is I, the god of gods, the first and the only keeper of the dead, Kangi, lord of all,” she said.

“Kangi,” Haradin asked in disbelief, “my father always insisted that the gods were made up by the founders of Alzio, in the time of the beginning, the time of the thirty-two kingdoms and that Danlin the holy was an old fool who lusted only for power and to hold control over all the peoples of Alzio.”

“Your father was wrong and you knew it all along Haradin,” Kangi said smiling, then her expression suddenly turned very serious, “and because you were always so devout, I’m going to let you say goodbye Haradin.”

“Goodbye,” Haradin asked quickly, “am I going to die, kangi?”

“No, not yet,” she replied, “I’m going to let you say goodbye to your wife Vespira, now I can only let you say goodbye for a minute or two other wise her soul will wither and die completely out of existence.”

“I understand Kangi,” Haradin replied knowing that this would be the final time he would ever see his beloved and it was definetly the only time he would ever see a god and he was really excited about that too.

“I did not take her to be mean,” Kangi said, “I took her because it was her time to be with me in the Umnment, young King.”

“I understand, may I see her now,” Haradin asked, “I mean no rudeness but I would really love to see her, you know.”

Kangi smiled and a bright flash of light came from above and a white ball of energy came down and rested just before Haradin.

“I will make her appear as her visage had appeared while she was alive,” Kangi put her hands together, “Hmsh crm dstlkn bnvdrm.”

The ball of energy began to glow even brighter and finally it began to shift until it looked like Vespira had once looked.

“Haradin,” Vespira said, “I love you and I will miss you, but you still have our son to care for and please care for him well, and maybe we will see each other again one day.”

Haradin walked to her and tried to hug her but only gripped air, “I love you Vespira, and I shall take care of our son,” he turned to Kangi, “please Kangi I want to hug her, can that be done?”

“I am sorry Haradin but we must go now,” Kangi replied, “her energy is becoming unstable any longer more time here and she will disappear from existence all forever.”

Haradin fell to his knees, “goodbye Vespira, I promise that I will take care of Hanudin.”
“Goodbye my love, I give you permission to remarry by the way perhaps someone you have tried to forsake,” she smiled, then with a flash of light they were gone and Haradin woke up. He looked out at Gangula for a while then his attention drifted to the training that was happening just below him, then on Mekosha climbing the rocks trying to get to where he sat.


“I have seen her Mekosha.”

“Who have you seen?”

“Vespira,” Haradin said, “and Kangi.”

“Kangi,” Mekosha asked, “the god of the dead Kangi, is that who you are talking about?”

“Yes Mekosha.”

“Come you have been on the mountain too long it is midday,” Mekosha pulled Haradin to his feet and they began to walk down together.

“I think your daughter wants me to remarry too,” Haradin said.

“Well I cannot imagine she would mind too much,” Mekosha said, “she is dead, maybe she wants you to move on.”

They made it to the bottom and Haradin walked straight to where Auvore was training the men of the second wave.

“King Haradin,” Auvore said as Haradin and Mekosha passed, “the troops are training up nicely sir.”

“Good we will need to march back soon, have them ready in a week Auvore.”

“It will be done sir,” Auvore replied, he turned back to the men behind him, “OK my Hurculians we need to be ready by next week, let’s get training.”

The raw recruits trained in the midday heat and Haradin walked to his tent. There he waited until it was time to leave, thinking of everything that had happened on the rock, ‘I know who you want me to have Vespira’ he thought to himself, ‘I do not know if I can do it though.’ He thought for a few days straight on this, ‘for Hanudin, do it for Hanudin’ a voice in Haradin’s head said he jumped up in surprise, “I will Vespira,” Haradin replied to the air he looked down, “I will.”

With his new thirty thousand man army Haradin marched south to Geldis Galhem. It had been a month and three weeks since he had set eyes on his son and Haradin wanted to make certain that he was alright, as he was remembering the promise he had made to his dead wife’s soul.

As they reentered the city it was clear that it was, once again, under attack. By who Haradin had not gathered and he did not care, he only worried for the safety of his son and the lives of his people.

He marched his troop’s right into the fray, the south gate had been breached and the five thousand men could not push the enemy back or even hold them as they fell in numbers and territory to the encroaching army. With the addition of thirty thousand more men on their side the Hurculians that lived fell of the enemy like rain and they were able to push them back and break out of Geldis Galhem. The Hurculians sent three and a half thousand troops to meet the Gangin army.

Nieda stood outside the city, unbeknownst to her that Haradin had brought reinforcements from the Hurculian homeland. She stood and fought while Haradin moved men out of the citie’s east gate while the diversionary force kept Nieda’s eye on the battle. The Hurculians came from behind and flooded the Gangin lines hitting harder and with new found vigor from the resupply in man power.

Finally the armies of Gangula were taken down. Nieda attempted to escape when she saw the flanking army but was caught by Haradin himself leading a division of elite mounted units. Nieda was taken to the jail in Geldis Galhem but was released a week later to sign Gangula’s surrender and capitulation to Hurculus.

Haradin did not sign the Orders of Capitulation in the capital, he marched south to Oslothia with his whole army, and there in the hall of black marble Nieda was made to sign away all her land and people to Haradin and the Hurculians.

“Tell me Nieda,” Haradin said, “what made you so audacious that you would march on Geldis Galhem while you have enemies to the south?”

“There are no enemies to my south Haradin,” Nieda replied.

“Do you mean to say that you have taken Fiira out of this conflict?”

“No I mean they marched back to Bezleip and sailed back to Oritus.”

“I see, thank you for the information Nieda.”

“I know about Vespira.”

Haradin slammed his hand on the table, this startled Nieda, “never say her name again; you are not worthy to speak it.”

“I am sorry,” Nieda responded, “Haradin, can we talk?”

“About what?”

“What are you going to do with me now?”

“I honestly have no clue,” Haradin lied, he pretended to think for a second, “perhaps send you to the mines of the North Barrang range.”

“Haradin, marry me please, make me a mom, I can help you take care of your child, the one you had with your now dead wife.”

Haradin was in shock, ‘has Kangi and Vespira visited her?’ He snapped back quickly enough not to be noticed and replied: “I did promise I would take care of Hanudin and I need a female to feed him at this age, yes I, I suppose I could take you as my wife.”

“You will not be disappointed Haradin Hurcule, I will not betray you, I promise on Grism, on Kangi, on Bakra and on Hophna.”

That night Haradin and Nieda, after three dead Kings, thousands of men and women killed and nearly three and a half years, were married. The thing Nieda has so desperately tried to run from all her live, she now took to with all due happiness.

Now that Gangula had finally fallen, Haradin marched his men back north to native Hurculian soil and then to the western border, the war would not end until Oritus or Hurculus fell, it was all a matter of which could wear down the other or which leader could be captured first. Haradin intended it not be him that lost this war, now he would have to prove it.

All the way to the boarder of Hurculus and Oritus, Nieda held Hanudin and feed him and took care of him.

for new ending to chapter eight read below

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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
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As they reentered the city it was clear that it was, once again, under attack. By whom Haradin had not gathered and he did not care, he only worried for the safety of his son and the lives of his people within the walls of the city.

He marched his troop’s right to where the battle was bring fought, at the south gate. Enemy troops poured into the city as they had breached the gate and the five thousand men could not push the enemy back or even hold them as they fell in numbers and territory by the second to the encroaching army. With the addition of thirty thousand more, though new, men on their side, the Hurculians that lived fell on the enemy like rain and they were able to push them back and break out of Geldis Galhem. The Hurculians sent three and a half thousand troops to meet the Gangin army. Haradin took a the majority of the new men to the east gate where they marched then south to take the army of Gangula by surprise.

Nieda stood outside the city on mnot-hophna, the forest hill. Unbeknownst to Nieda and the Gangin leaders though Haradin had was marching with his raw army to meet and capture them. Upon seeing the Hurculian forces march out of the city with such small numbers Nieda was sure that the day would be carried and Geldis Galhem was hers to rule once again. Haradin’s army thrust forward taking the commanders then he sent forth the men to capture the Gangin army and flooded their lines hitting harder and with new found vigor from the excitement of their first battle.

Finally the armies of Gangula were beaten down and finally surrendered. After being captured Nieda attempted to escape but was caught by Haradin himself leading a division of elite mounted units and she surrendered once again. Nieda was taken to the jail in Geldis Galhem there she laid for a week almost undisturbed, the guards heard noise one night but upon checking to make sure she was not attempting to escape her shame they found only the she had fallen out of her bed. After her week in the jail Nieda was taking out and put under heavy guard and lead away to out of the south gate. Three days passed and Oslothia came into sight.

Haradin met her in the hall of black marble where he made her sign the Orders of Capitulation which took all powers of rule from Nieda for the remainder of her life and took away all her land and people put them under the rule of Haradin and the Hurculians. After all was done there only remained Haradin and Nieda in the hall of black marble, while the rest of Oslothia was in celebration of the conclusion of the war but they knew it was but a brief interlude for the war with Oritus was still in effect and soon they would march south to meet the armies of Fiira in battle.

“Tell me Nieda,” Haradin said, “what made you so audacious that you would march on Geldis Galhem while you have enemies to the south?”

“Where there were enemies to my south there are none anymore,” Nieda replied.

“Do you mean to say that you have taken Fiira out of this conflict,” Haradin ask with astonishment, not thinking that Fiira would be taken so easily.

“I would like to tell you that brute force was used and they are destroyed, but no they marched back to Bezleip and sailed back to Oritus as far as I am aware,” Nieda said.

“I see, thank you for the information Nieda perhaps you are not the ***** of Gangula as my father had said many a time.”

“I know about Vespira.”

Haradin slammed his hand on the table, this startled Nieda, “and of course I am proven wrong, never say her name again; you are not worthy to speak it or think it or even see it written!”

“I am sorry,” Nieda responded, “Haradin, can we talk?”

“About what,” Haradin asked after a second.

“What is to become of me now, I know that I am barred from rule but because you won the war and I am, well was the leader of the defeated nation you now have command over my life, so I was wondering you plans for me.”

“I honestly have no clue,” Haradin lied, he pended to think for a second, “perhaps send you to the mines of the North Barrang range send you to do hard labor for as long as your life yet lasts.”
“Haradin, marry me please, make me a mom, I can help you take care of your child, the one you had with your now dead wife.”

Haradin was in shock, ‘has Kangi and Vespira visited her?’ He snapped back quickly enough for her not to noticed that he was in thought of such matters and he replied: “I did promise I would take care of Hanudin and I need a female to feed him at this age, yes I, I suppose I could take you as my wife, but you must know I will not tolerate attempts on my life, my son’s life, or the lives of any person in my castle.”

“You will not be disappointed Haradin Hurcule, I will not betray you, I promise on Grism, on Kangi, on Bakra and on Hophna.”

That night Haradin and Nieda, after three dead Kings, thousands of men and women killed and nearly three and a half years, were married. The thing Nieda has so desperately tried to run from all her live, she now took to with all due happiness and excitement. Because no priest was on hand as all were at the party Nieda and Haradin grabbed Mekosha and he made sure the affirmation was said properly by both, though it did sadden him that Vespira never gave permission to marry again as the affirmation made clear, though he felt Grism would not mind being that she was dead.

Now that Gangula had finally fallen and after four weeks of informing and pacifying very few pockets of resistance, Haradin marched his men back north to native Hurculian soil. There he stayed for a week giving his men leave to stay in their own homes before they would risk their lives again in the attack on the Oritan homeland. Finally he gather his men and marched them to the western border. The camp was made two weeks outside of Hessis in the Hophna-usmnie-kagna, the gap of the forest and desert, the safest way to Oritus from Hurculus.

All the way from Gangula Hanudin rode with Nieda and she was kind to him and he was seemingly happy. Haradin thought to himself of the night on the low plateau and wondered if it had been a dream or if Vespira and Kangi had come to see him. Either way, he finally decided what was done has been done and Nieda is a good enough mother for Hanudin and a good enough wife for himself.
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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
PostSubject: Re: A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin   A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin EmptySun Jan 17, 2010 12:06 am

this chapter is a bit different from others and that is because this is how I'm planning on doing things when I do my rewrite after all is said and done kitty

Chapter Nine

The War Is Far From Over Now

The Gangin army at Geldis Galhem was not totally destroyed and captured, there were many that escaped and ran into the wilds of Umntha Ogla, the Middle mountains, and crossed over into western Gangula where the armies fallowed Nieda for a year trying to capture her.

Hearing of Gangula’s capitulation a week later many Gangins were outraged and spiteful of the Degan and Nieda and renounced kingship among them rose a leader Thadrim Olith who had been a Yoontangster in the army of Gangula and the most heeded by his men. Him and five hundred men escaped and went over the mountains. He marched north then south going to every town and village he could find to recruit people, naming himself Grimnol sa mni vurne Gangula, leader of a free Gangula.

Rumor of him came to Haradin and Nieda in the former Capital, he asked Nieda and she said he did exist and that he would rally the people of Gangula against the Hurculians.

Haradin took up the Yoontangster’s counsel and decided that it was best to march to west Gangula to destroy them ere they had time to claim Gangula against the capitulation of Nieda.

So the armies of Hurculus marched to the west, but at this time Thadrim had turned south heading for the city of Gangule, which was still technically Oritan, as no one had yet claimed it and the capitulation order was only for land that Nieda had currently owned or claimed, which was none of the eastern coast save everything north of Besliep which was not much.

The south pass between the middle mountains end the Miceroc Ocean, where Thadrim finally reached after three weeks of recruiting and his numbers has swelled to twenty-five thousand where Haradin had thirty-six thousand.

Haradin came upon the gap a week after as he did not have to stop to convince people to join him. The army made it around the outcropping when and arrow hit someone in the lead part of the army, then arrows began to rain from the mountains and the battle ensued. Haradin sent his men up the hill and the arrows stopped and they retreated down the hill until they began to fire again, thrice this happened until Haradin ordered they stay up there until the brought the heads of three hundred rebel soldiers while only a few stayed behind the guard the women and children. The beach was given to heed and until it was too late when the Gangins were seen. Thrice the Gangins attacked and pushed back a great number of mounted men were seen on the opposite side of the gap, and they pressed forward and began to slice and cut at the men and women. Haradin was with them ones on the road and helped repelled the ocean attack as it came thrice. When the mounted men attacked Haradin cut at the mounts and forced people off them, one unlucky one happened to be Thadrim and he was not happy at the death of his mount and he attacked Haradin.

Haradin and Thadrim fought on the field for an hour each growing more tired with each stroke and parry. Haradin, with the heavier equipment tired faster and was left open, finally he fell to his knees and could not move, Thadrim laughed and took his sword to Haradin’s head, he raised it above his head and swung down clank metal against metal and all that had turned away assumed Haradin to be dead and they looked expecting to see a headless body of Haradin Hurcule, but it was not so, Nieda stood over the body of Haradin with sword in hand, she had blocked the stroke of Thadrim. As Haradin lay on the ground looking up at what was happening he was in awe, Nieda had saved him from death and he gathered all the strength he could and thrust his blade up at Thadrim, but it was for nothing, he had not the energy to wield his blade. Thadrim realized further attack was folly for soon Haradin would have the strength to retaliate and so he fled with his men into the hills once again.

As the pyres for the dead burned the Hurculians made their camp at gap of mountain and sea. Haradin and Nieda retired to their tent after taking stock of their men they had dwindled to twenty-eight thousand killed about ten thousand, but the east coast had yet been untouched by recruitment by Thadrim untapped thousands could be drafted from there and Nieda told of the people there and their skills with bows for it was a forested and hilly area of Alzio.

“Thank you Nieda this information will go into saving many Hurculian and Gangin lives,” Haradin said, “I suppose it is time to sleep, night has come.”

“Wait Haradin,” Nieda said nervously, “there is something I must tell you, it is true that I have given myself of free will to you, but the reason I have been false to you about.”

“What is it that you are trying to say Nieda,” Haradin asked.

“You see up until the third night of my captivity in the jail of Geldis Galhem,” Nieda paused, “I planned on killing you and escaping to lead my people away from Hurculian rule.”

“The third night,” Haradin asked, “that was the night the guards heard you making noise and checked on you.”

“Yes,” Nieda retorted, “I saw Vespira and Kangi and they foretold of peril to you if I did not help you, I believe it to the peril of today.”

“What is in it for you then,” Haradin asked angrily.

“Kangi foretold that I would never rule the land of Gangula ever again,” Nieda answered, “but if I help you until one of us joins her she will reward my child with my land.”

Haradin looked at her for a long time. “Your son will never rule before Hanudin,” he said at last, “I will send you away and never speak of you to any son of Nieda Hurcule we will see then what inheritance your son receives!”

“Kangi has foretold it as long as I keep you alive and do all that you command I shall have a Gangin ruling Gangula again one day.”

“Slap yourself!”


“If truly you must fallow all my commands then slap yourself Nieda,” Haradin said with a smirk thinking she would not do it. After a few seconds of staring at Haradin, Nieda raised her hand and brought it to her face as hard has she could.

“I see,” an evil smile came across his face, “I command you Nieda to have sex with me.”
There they lay Grism falling and the little Grisms coming out and shinning brilliantly, and Haradin and Nieda slept that night after their moment of ecstasy.

Grism, ever reliable rose once again and the new day began with the stink of smoldering dead bodies and the Hurculians packed and moved west into the southern plain and they were but a half a week from the city of Gangule and there is where Haradin guessed that many recruits would be gathered so they would stay there good a length of time perhaps a day or two.

Haradin and the Hurculians chased Thadrim to Gangule but he was found to have already left, so they Hurculian army marched up the coast seeking Thadrim and his rebels. Finally on the plain of Besliep, just outside the city walls Thadrim was trapped; in front of him the walls of the city, to his left the waters of the ocean and the rest of the way around him and his men, which were at twenty-eight thousand, was the grand army of Hurculus.

“Wait Haradin,” Thadrim said then he turned around, “keeper of the gate, will you not let fellow Gangins in?”

An old man walked out onto the walls of the city, “I will not, this city is under the rule of Fiira Queen of Oritus, we no longer identify as Gangins.”

“Your treachery shall be known for all time Gate keeper, you and this filth you call a city!”

With no other choice Thadrim turned his army and ran at the Hurculians, archers rained down arrows on both sides, those in the battle claimed that Grism was completely unseen due to the volume of arrows, therefore the battle was named Nok-ugrin-nold Grisia, battle of no light.

Haradin and Thadrim found each other once again amidst the fray and once again they had a dual, only Haradin this time took off all his armor to that he was only in shirt, pants, shield and sword. They fought and tired quickly, but Thadrim tired first and fell to the ground, Haradin felt it not worthy of him to slay such a tired warrior. He called on Nieda and she came, he told her to kill Thadrim and it was done.

After Nok-ugrin-nold Grisia there was the matter of Besliep to be addressed, if it was under Oritan control then it would have to be taken.

“Gate keeper,” Haradin called out.

The old man once again returned to the walls of the city, “a new person? And what is it that you want?”

“To claim this city in the name of Hurculus,” Haradin replied quickly.

“You have a big army, what was your name?”

“King Haradin Hurcule, ruler of Hurculus and Gangula.”

“I am Nieda Hurcule, former ruler of Gangula,” Nieda said, “it was my father that put you in charge of the city of Besliep, surrender yourself back to us and we will spare all the peoples of the city, else we will burn it to the ground.”

“Would the former queen and current king of Gangula really suffer the people of Besliep to such a horrid fate?”

“I would and I shall if you do not claim to be part of the Hurculian empire!”

The old man disappeared from the walls and Haradin had his people prepare to assault the gates. Just as they were moving forward the gates opened and the old man walked out. Haradin walked out to him.

“Besliep now claims Hurculus as its masters, please leave my city unharmed.”

The Hurculians rested in Besliep and burned the bodies outside the city walls. For a week they stayed in Besliep and put things in place that should have been, like a better mayor that was in favor of Hurculian rule, the old one for his twice treacherous nature was tossed of the side of the walls, never to betray anyone ever again.

When the week at Besliep was over Haradin marched his men north to native Hurculian soil, the sight of Borius was never a greater sight to all the men of the army and women of the caravan. When they reached Hessis, Haradin stayed there for a week giving his men leave to stay in their own homes before they would risk their lives again in the attack on the Oritan homeland. Finally he gathered his men and marched them to the western border. The camp was made two weeks outside of Hessis in the Hophna-usmnie-kagna, the gap of the forest and desert, the safest way to Oritus from Hurculus and the place of Gmnoch Asom-Asglin.

All the way from Besliep, Hanudin rode with Nieda and she was kind to him and he was seemingly happy. Haradin thought to himself of the night on the low plateau and wondered if it had been a dream or if Vespira and Kangi had come to see him but the thought of the mountain and sea gap dispelled him from the thought. Either way, he finally decided what was done has been done and Nieda is a good enough mother for Hanudin and a good enough wife for himself, no matter why she married him.
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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin Empty
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A History of Grisima: The Tale of Haradin the Great and Nieda the Gangin
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