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PostSubject: Donation Information   Donation Information EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 7:09 am

Alright, guys, I'm opening up for donations a little early.

Here's your directions:

Send all checks or CONCEALED cash to my address. I'll be sending this to you via PM to protect my privacy. Do NOT give my address to anyone who is not a member of this site. Doing so may result in actual legal action, as it is illegal to give out another's personal information against their will.

You need to make sure that you HIDE ALL CASH. It WILL disappear if you don't. Put it in a card, wrap it in paper, or do something.

Remember, our goal is around $450. I can't provide for all of this. My insurance payments are $154 a month and I use about $45 each month for gas. I only receive two paychecks each month, and they are about $243. This only leaves me around $50, $20 of which goes to my church.
My paycheck without insurance is around $184, though. However, I need money for recreation, as well.

We're in dire straights. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Now, then, I'll swear to you here.
I solemnly swear that all contributions will be used purely for ZAST. None of this will go in my pocket.

Please help me out, guys. This is your site, too.

All the best,

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Donation Information
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