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 Some poems about Feelings

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Some poems about Feelings Empty
PostSubject: Some poems about Feelings   Some poems about Feelings EmptyMon Feb 22, 2010 2:21 pm

Yes the Thing that a man dreads talking about...Expressed in two Tanka`s and a haiku

A Moment:
Life is a Moment
Captured, Frozen in a flash
Pictures tell the tale
In Everlasting Moments
Through the Pictures Life is Told

Life Captured
In a Flash it can Happen
Captured Forever...

The Fire Called Anger:
Sadness is the Fuel
That Makes Anger Blaze Fiercely
And After Awhile
It Extinguishes itself
Like Water on Burning Flame

Just a little something from the mind of Halo
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Some poems about Feelings
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