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 ADAM-How Blame Became

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Jared Durdan
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Zombie Bait
Jared Durdan

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PostSubject: ADAM-How Blame Became   ADAM-How Blame Became EmptySun Nov 28, 2010 12:53 pm

GOD: Who hath grazed from the tree of knowledge?

ADAM: Someone ate from the tree?

GOD: Yes, from the tree of knowledge.

ADAm: yeah, wow. Uh . . . that's just . . . wow. I don't know whay to say.

GOD: Do you know anything about it?

ADAM: Well, I did notice something the other day, but . . .

GOD: But what?

ADAM: Never mind. I shouldn't of said anything; you probably wouldn't be interested anyway.

GOD: C'mon, tell me! You have to tell me, you can't do that!

ADAM: Do what?

GOD: Say you know a secret and not tell me! Just give me a hint.

ADAM: Well, okay. Now, I'm noy saying Eve ate the apple, but let's just say she's been talking to Satan a lot lately.

GOD: Get out!

ADAM: Yep, They've been talking about lots of things. Temtation, bearing false witness, possibly fruit. Oops, Here she comes.

EVE: Hey, guys.

ADAM: Hey, Eve. So did you hear about the tree og knowledge?

EVE: o what about it?

ADAM: Someone ate from the tree.

EVE: What? That's terrible. Any idea who did it?

ADAM: No idea, Do you know anything?

EVE: This is the first time I've heard about it.

GOD: Don't make this difficult. I know you've been talking to Satan.

EVE: I don't know what you're talking about. Who told you that?

GOD: I have my sources.

EVE: I swear to-you- that i didn't eat the apple!

ADAM: Listen, God, I have a confession to make: I ate the apple.

GOD: that's very nice of you, Adam, but you don't have to defend her. You've been a great help already.

EVE: Adam, what dod you tell him?

ADAM: I don't want to get involved. This is between you two.

God: Just come clean and we can move on.

EVE: It wasn't me!

GOD: Then who?

EVE: i don't know! Jesus!

GOD: Oh, C'mon noe, he hasn't been born yet, that's the best you can come up with?

EVE: No, not Jesus the proper noun, i mean like "Jesus!" the exclamation.

GOD: Now you're being facetious. I'm tired of playing these games. Since you won't fess up, I have no choice but to damn your gender.

EVE: But . . .

GOD: Damned!

EVE: Adam, tell him!

ADAM: i'd like to help you out, Eve, honest, but my hands are tied on this.

GOD: You can start by making seventy-five cents for every dollar a man makes.
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ADAM-How Blame Became
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